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    Re: ***Official ISU vs. TT Gameday Thread***

    Anyone know the tv situation in eastern iowa?
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    Re: Why CPR will be here...

    Ya i agree he needs another year. Now that the program has officially without a doubt hit rock bottom for cpr era maybe that can give him a different perspective and make the necessary adjustments...
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    Re: Can ISU make a bowl in 2015?

    no chance unless systemic issues with s and c and practice engineering are addressed. we are getting worse as the year goes on; bad sign. all the blame is on cpr.
  4. Re: Staff changes have hurt the football program.

    Proper systems can limit the effect of staff changeover. The system either sucks or is too dependent on the staff to determine the system. My guess is the former. Now even if we had the perfect...
  5. Re: I know Im in minority However Rhoads is my guy no matter what.

    I think we all agree that the current version of Rhoads program is miserable. If he is willing to make some adjustments and turn this thing around who knows its possible. Speed in everything is the...
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    Re: Texas Tech vs ISU Kickoff Set at 2:30

    hmm might actually go to this one. it will remind me of 1997.
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    Re: 9 injuries?

    yes I have been convinced for a few years now the problem is s and c. I know it is a very unpopular opinion around here but I have proof!

    James White RB. Look back to how fast he was his...
  8. Re: Injuries: Bad luck or results of our recruiting styles?

    I think its lack of balance in our speed work and strength work. James White got slower every year from his sophomore year to his senior year.
  9. Re: ***Week 7 College Football Survivor Game***

    last week: auburn
    this week: gtech
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    Re: Pollard Calls Out Big 12 Officials

    Ya fran got no calls after all his outbursts the officials started screwin him on purpose i think. If i was pres i would clean house cept hoiberg. This state of isu football is pretty bad. Hoiberg...
  11. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    i have just ignored the fact we played all week. just dont see how we can win. just dont have the horses. its possible but unlikely. i also see a good chance we get blown out. its too bad this...
  12. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    radio online is locked down; the radio stations arent supposed to play the games online. I know people found ndsu broadcast online when we played them. So you could find an OSU broadcast but...
  13. Re: ***Week 6 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 5:TCU
    Week 6:Auburn
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    Re: Big 12 elimination competition WEEK TWO!

    Baylor/Texas for the points.
  15. Re: Big 12 elimination competition WEEK ONE!!!!


    TCU-SMU most points
  16. Re: ***Week 5 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 4: Washington
    Week 5: TCU
  17. Re: ***Week 4 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1: Florida
    Week 2: Ole Miss
    Week 3: Mississippi St.
    Week 4: Washington
  18. Re: Recent history says we lost a close heart breaker to Baylor?

    okay here is the answer; UNI was our last in regulation game winning drive and it came the first game of 2011. If anyone remembers that "game winning drive" it took a miracle to score. We were 4th...
  19. Re: Recent history says we lost a close heart breaker to Baylor?

    Texas 2013 - Up 3 late in the 4th quarter; ISU driving; 1st and goal at the 3 yard line; settled for a FG. I knew we lost then and we did.

    KSU 2014 - Every drive stalled in the 2nd half; the one...
  20. Re: Recent history says we lost a close heart breaker to Baylor?

    we lost to texas because we failed to go out and win. All we had to do was score a touchdown when it was 1st and goal from the 3 yard line and we failed. We score a TD there game over.

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