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    Info: Re: FYI on noisy/annoying ads

    I've seen the complaints, but haven't had this happen to me yet. I use Chrome as my browser with the AdBlock extension and haven't had any issues. Typically, it shows 6-8 ads that are being "blocked"...
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    Re: Winter Beers...

    Picked up some Bell's Winter White Ale this weekend, very good stuff. It's a wheat beer, so not as heavy as some of the other stuff mentioned in this thread, but I would recommend trying some if...
  3. Re: *** Official Viterbo vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    Does anyone know when the game replays are typically available on Might have to miss this one tonight, but wanted to watch the replay ASAP.
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    Re: ISU Vs OU game time (i know)

    Bump. Still no kickoff set for this. Shouldn't they have announced this by now? I thought the conference typically announces kickoff times on Mondays for the games the following week (i.e. expected...
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    Re: Tickets on sale 8/22

    Count me in as another frustrated Ticketmaster user. I was logged in, waiting on the countdown page for the KU game. When it went to 0, my browser kept refreshing multiple times until the seating map...
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    Re: Bell's Two Hearted

    Love me some Bell's Two Hearted Ale. Very solid IPA, easy to drink while still maintaining a lot of flavor. If I ever see it on tap at a restaurant, I'll recommend it to any of my friends that...
  7. Sticky: Re: *** In honor of Pollard fine, HELP raise 25 K for Blank Children's Hospital ***

    Just donated, I can always get behind something like this. Excited to see an update on the donations!
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    Re: Pumpkin beer power rankings

    Just cracked one of these open tonight. I think this just took my top spot over Schlafly, it's amazing. Although, more expensive and harder to find.
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    Re: Pabst sold to Russians

    Sad, reminds me of this video.
  10. Re: Thursday night special: Auburn visits K-State

    This game is very anti-Bill Snyder. Making a lot of mistakes, and not capitalizing on key opportunities. Quite amazing it's only 10-7 right now.
  11. Re: Thursday night special: Auburn visits K-State

    K-State makes the Hawkeye's kicker look good...
  12. Re: Rob Gray: Panic attacked cause Gannon to leave program

    Great article by Rob, really liking what he's added to CF. Not just more content, but quality content like this piece. Kudos to Chris and the CF staff for getting him to join the team.
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    Re: Pumpkin beer power rankings

    I did something similar last Fall, and Schlafly Pumpkin Ale was the best one that I tried. I haven't seen it in stores yet, but I would definitely recommend picking some up if you see it.
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    Re: Office Pranks

    A few quick and easy one's I've done include: putting tape under the mouse laser so it doesn't work, changing desktop backgrounds/flipping screen direction, and plugging in a wireless mouse USB into...
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    Re: Task Force Recommendation for VEISHEA

    What's this VEISHA you speak of?
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    Re: Any clues on game times?

    At this point, your best best is to look at the other Big XII games that week and guess where ISU would be slotted. They typically won't announce kick times until 2 weeks before the game for...
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    Re: Spice it up

    I always have those two plus Louisianna Hot Sauce and Tapatio in my fridge, as well as a couple other random ones I will pick up at the store. Each one has a little different flavor, but I can...
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    Hardest Places to Live in US

    Interesting piece by the NY Times. As if you needed any more evidence that the South is bad...
  19. Re: steele's all-conference preseason big and big12 ...

    Ah, forgot special teams. Just added them in, didn't change things too much though.

    And of course this doesn't tell the whole story for each team, but potential "play-makers" can't be undervalued...
  20. Re: steele's all-conference preseason big and big12 ...

    I realize these are pre-season rankings that bear no actual meaning of what will happen on the field, but just for fun on wanted to see how each team stacked up. I did a simple point system: 4 pts...
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  • November 22, 2014
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