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  1. Re: FS 3MBB tickets Iowa State vs. Arkansas

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    Tickets Arrived!

    Its now tickets arrived in the mail today. The season is less than two weeks away!
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    Re: Congrats Chris!

    Practice makes perfect! Congrats Chris and family!
  4. Re: Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    I've wondered the same Royal. She lost a year of high school experience with the injury and never seemed to be ready last year as she came back. Now she's had another full year of recovery, workouts...
  5. Re: Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    Chris will probably never say this, but me not being staff allows me to say what I do without restrictions. Of course it also means I don't have access to players or coaches directly. Trade off.
  6. Twister Sister Summary - a new season approaches

    I've been mulling the thought of when to write this over in my mind. My real thoughts were focused on what to write. In the past we pretty much knew what we had returning and had hopes concerning the...
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    Article on Claire Ricketts

    Nice write up. She seems a perfect fit.
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    New uniforms = Ronald McDonald?
    interesting tweet and discussion at the ESPN Big 12 blog. Perhaps a new sponsor?
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    Re: Reaction Post-Toledo

    The "shoot the sound guy" scenario? We have a 10 point lead in the 4th, they play that stupid song that will go unnamed, and we proceed to lose again.
  10. Re: In-depth Q&A: Celebrating 20 years of Bill Fennelly in Ames

    A few thoughts from a long time wbb fan...

    We do have an emotional tie to the teams. This is different that any other sport. Its hard to describe why, but what Bill says in the interview is as...
  11. Re: WBB - Big 12 pre-season honors announced

    I agree about Seanna...but still think she should have already been on the list. AND with our prized recruiting class this should be motivation.
  12. Re: Tom Osborne School of Classless Coaching alive and well

    well duh...perhaps I should have included the word SARCASM in parenthesis for you.

    the post is about showing class which Briles didn't. Those here that think rubbing an opponents nose in it is...
  13. Poll: Re: Poll: How long have you been a cyclone fan, and how do you feel about Rhoads?

    There isn't an option for me. I'm pre Johnny Majors
  14. Tom Osborne School of Classless Coaching alive and well

    I was sorely disappointed in Briles last night. I mean after all, he does coach at a religious affiliated school and everything. I figured he would down the ball to run out the clock and show some...
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    Re: iOS 8 review/thoughts

    I honestly laugh at the Androd homeboys who brag about having NFC for so long...and yet two things are readily apparent. First, NFC functionality on the Android phone is a joke. Having to touch...
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    Re: iOS 8 review/thoughts

    Enjoy that it rings on my other devices. That is way cool. I installed on my 5s and have no complaints at all. It broke a couple of apps, but that's to be expected. I really, really like the swipe...
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    Re: Driving and multitasking

    Friend of mine got rear ended by a girl texting and driving yesterday. Again no one seriously hurt, but when will it end? This is one time where government or industry needs to find a way to shut it...
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    Re: I'm asking for prayers

    My prayers are with you, your family and the docs. Wishing you the best.
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    Re: First trip to Ames - bars, restaurants, etc?

    Ugh"..Great Plains...most overrated pizza (cheese on a blah crust sometimes mixed with hair of the cook) in Ames.
  20. Re: Your top 3 favorite / most influential albums!

    Grand Funk Railroad - Mark, Don, And Mel
    the Beatles - White Album
    tie Kansas - Leftoverture and the Eagles - Hotel California
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