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  1. Thread: Lazard

    by SouthJerseyCy

    Re: Lazard

    I don't know. Seems to me he's also really bailed Sam out on a few bad balls and taken some shots doing it.
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    Re: Win a Kegorator! - Week 6 pick 'em

    LSU @ Auburn (-8)
    Alabama (-6) @ Mississippi
    Nebraska @ Michigan State (-8.5)
    Texas Tech @ Kansas State (-12.5)
    Oklahoma (-5) @ TCU
    Baylor (-16.5) Texas
    Iowa State @ Oklahoma State (-17)
  3. Thread: Tackles

    by SouthJerseyCy

    Re: Tackles

    I need to watch the game again then. I apparently have some sort of bias against Jevohn as I was cursing the TV again at him being out of position and/or not getting in on the tackle. It seemed to...
  4. Re: Rip Randy Pete all you want but this is a nice little piece.

    Which made them both perfect fits for the teams they were on. We needed Kane to handle the ball more especially early in the season with Monte getting his first taste of CBB. This year, Monte will...
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    Re: Biggest area of improvement I've seen

    This all may be true about them not working in practice and being a cancer and all. However, there were times late last year that I thought Coe was the only one on our defense playing with any...
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    Re: Leading Rusher Through 3 Games

    I would like to see the running game get going as much as anyone, but I'm not all that concerned about the yardage Sam has picked up. These are completely different yards than the designed runs he...
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    Re: LB Rotation

    I hate to bring this up again because the LB's played much better this week, but I still wonder why there is no rotation whatsoever. You would think giving Meeks/Seeley/Brackins a series or two...
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    Re: LB Rotation

    I'll defer to you as you know way more than I do about the game. To me, it looks like Miller runs head down and crashes directly into the blockers while the runners speed on by him with no attempt...
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    LB Rotation

    Apologies in advance if this has been discussed, but why do we refuse to rotate our LB's? From what I saw that position group got abused more than any other yesterday. Yet we stuck with Miller,...
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    Re: First Game Traditions

    I do find this a bit odd. I really don't know how early the gates open, but if I'm reading this correctly you are left with 20-some very similar photos. Since it' know...a statue and all...
  11. Re: Camp Insider: Mitchell Meyers earns starting DE spot

    If you were talking about LB's I'd agree with you, but CPR/Wally likes to rotate the DL's a lot.
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    Re: Run / Pass Ratio

    For this year anyway, I have a feeling this stat will be dictated a lot more by our defense than by Mangino's preference.
  13. Re: Rob Gray Notebook: Luke Knott better than ever; more from media day

    Question for someone more knowledgeable about football x's and o's than I. Luke is an undersized WILL with presumably good speed (used to be a safety). His size/speed combo seems more suited to...
  14. Re: to televise two football games this fall

    I would like to know the official stance on this question. I'm guessing the answer will be because it's a Texas home game...which begs the question of what if it wasn't? Would the LHN only...
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    Re: So Who is on JP's list to replace CPR?

    As another poster said, I was talking about the schedule rotation, not OSU in particular. The schedules those years were packed full of dreadful teams...a couple of which we lost to. Seriously, go...
  16. Re: Three positives to the non-con game at Barclays Center

    Curious about this also as I have tickets.

    Also, Brooklyn is not in New Jersey.
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    Re: So Who is on JP's list to replace CPR?

    There is a massive difference in the schedules between then and now. We were only ever in the B12 title conversation when the schedule shifted to miss TX, OU & OSU. CPR has already beat more ranked...
  18. Re: Monday Musings: Four-year anniversary (share your story)

    I'll be honest. I was a little sad. Because of the state the program was in, there I didn't believe there was any way we were going to climb out of the whole any time soon, especially with a guy...
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    Re: Happy Easter: Mark Mangino

    My first impression was 'man he looks slim' compared to what he was at KU.
  20. Re: CFTV: An honest Shane Burnham talks DT's

    This is saying something. Our most proven commodities on defense:
    Tribune - True sophomore who only started playing midway through last season and was abused regularly early.
    Morrissy - Undersized...
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