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    Re: Door-to-door steak sales

    I had one of these guys catch me in my driveway working on a car, but I told him I just got a half a real beef last week, and that pretty well shut him down. I did actual get the beef too, but even...
  2. Re: Scandal At North Carolina: Fake Classes, Inflated Grades

    You can add my name to the list that sees this as a good old boys slap of the hand for another Blue Blood. Honestly, I don't know how the NCAA can even announce some of the ruling they have come up...
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    Re: More gasoline for the Hype train

    Anything can happen between now and April, but what the guy writes is pretty darn sound. There are not a lot of media guys that have figure this out yet, but Fred is one of the absolute best coaches...
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    Re: Noticeable difference in QB Sam R.

    Sam has benefitted from two things:

    1. the OL has been stable, maybe not the guys that started the year on the line, but at least the same 5 guys have been taking the bulk of the snaps.

    2. The...
  5. Re: Quarterback Sam Richardson could break a 17-year-old record

    So, who ran the wrong route that caused the INT?
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    Re: Texas Game Rewatch - Wow!

    I have not seen this, but I believe that CPR got a penalty for yelling at the refs for this, which brings me back to officiating in the Big 12 in general is not very good at all, and 95% of the time...
  7. Sticky: Re: Week 9 Pick'em - Chance to win a Kegorator

    BYU @ Boise State (-6.5)
    Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5)
    Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5)
    Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU
    West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5)
    Texas @ Kansas State (-10)
  8. Re: Rhoads Describes D Covererage Last 28 Seconds

    I think Brackens ended up on Shipley because he was not lined up as a WR, but came out of the backfield on a wheel route. I think the DB and safety went with the two WRs that ran in routes that...
  9. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: No moral victory in loss to Texas

    I do not believe in moral victories, but I also don't believe in the "fire all the coaches" crowd either. Hate losing, a lot, but what the offense did against what was suppose to be one of the best...
  10. Thread: Lazard

    by CyCloned

    Re: Lazard

    Not sure that Lazard does not have better speed than Blythe did. He has looked pretty good after catching passes.

    One thing that he did not do last night not go back and fight for the ball on...
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    Re: So close to being a solid team.

    Some of you guys ******** about ISU losing close games to good teams need to go back and revisit ISU getting pounded into the dirt by Baylor last year, or go back even a few more years and look at...
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    Re: Richardson On Pace: 3,450+ Yards

    Really like what Sam bring to the game. He has had a ton of great plays with his feet, picking up a several long 3rd down conversions. He has also had a few great passes where he took off like he...
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    Offense looked great last night, against one of the best defenses in the country. It is disappointing that it took this long to get things clicking, but the future looks a lot brighter now.
  14. Re: For thosewho watched the game...what happened on that last drive???!!!

    It was disappointing and JB just got picked off on a wheel route. Swoops played a lot better than advertised and throw a perfect pass on the long play and the one that got them to the 7 yard line. ...
  15. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    Should have gone for the onside after tying the game. I know that would not be able to hold on somehow.
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    Re: Here we F'n go,

    so is it going to be Sage and Blum the second half?
  17. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    That was really bad clock management until SR ran it in.
  18. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    Well, they better get TOs when averaging giving up 9 yards a play. Got a stop there, so maybe settling down.
  19. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    what the heck was that? About time for a fumble. Can't believe that was not reviewed at Texas. I didn't see it, but just expect that from Big 12 refs.
  20. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Texas Game(day) Thread ***

    someone has to make a play on one of these long passes down field. Just frustrating that it seems like the Clones can never make that connection.
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