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    Re: Friday OT - Worst/Corniest Lyrics

    My obligatory contribution to these threads: Sammy Hagar, "Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy."

    He sings about "Hot, sweet cherries on the vine." While I can see Sammy's clever mention of cherries...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 9

    This is true.

    This is not true. They will not have an unchanging bracket in place after the first round. Opponents will not be set for each round until the previous round is done. It's all in...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 9

    Of course I meant Knoxville or Norwalk, not Ballard, duh. Ballard wins their district with a victory tomorrow, Knoxville and Norwalk play to figure out the 3/4 spots in their district.

    And yes,...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 9

    This year's playoffs will also be interesting, with no set brackets and matchups set by the state every round. There's a 125-mile travel restriction in place for the first round (except for 4A),...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 9

    Also some other interesting possibilities in 3A statewide. In District 6, if Grinnell beats Ballard there's a five-way tie for first in the district. The same thing could happen in District 3, but...
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 9

    Remember, a couple of years ago a 1-8 Mason City team made the playoffs. The only team they beat was in their district and finished 0-9, so ... playoffs, baby!

    And no, they did not win their...
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    Re: Big 12 on the outside looking in

    Remember, all the current playoff projections are based on "if the season ended right now" - obviously both Mississippi State and Ole Miss aren't going to stay undefeated, since they play each other....
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    MLB: Re: ***OFFICIAL 2014 MLB Postseason Thread***

    Would have been so much sweeter if Peralta hadn't cleared the bases with that friggin' double play grounder. Solo homers aren't going to be enough in San Francisco.
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    Re: Iowa HS FB -- Week 8

    I'm personally interested in that Class 3A District 4 game between Solon and Western Dubuque. If Western Dubuque wins, they'll almost certainly win the district and Solon drops to third; Cedar Rapids...
  10. Re: Playoff vs. BCS: New boss is the same as the old boss

    Not only is this way too many teams, but which two? Do you take the two from the conference championship game and if so, why the heck are they playing that game? (I know, to get a conference...
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    Re: TCU vs Baylor

    What's you say?

    If there's anybody who's not done with a 21-point deficit, it's Baylor.
  12. Re: WIn it's great to have a homecoming win!

    Now, come on, there are still 6 games left. Basic math indicates it's technically possible to end up with 8 wins. Don't be hating.

    It's math!
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    Re: KU versus OSU

    Yep, I literally started a thread two minutes before yours when it was tied.

    The whole two minutes it was tied, that is.
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    Don't Look Now ...

    ... but Kansas is tied with Okie State 20-20 in the fourth quarter.

    Nothing comes easy in the Big 12.
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    Re: New uniforms = Ronald McDonald?

    I'm oldish and I don't really care for them. But then my personal preference is to stay away from the matching jersey-pants color anyway, except for all white. I don't care if it's red, yellow,...
  16. Re: my rambling (long) officiating manifesto

    That's truly bizarre part about the Texas screw job. If they had called forward progress, that's not reviewable. Everything would have been hunky-dory and any ISU fans complaining could have just...
  17. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    I hate to agree with this, but I almost agree with this.

    What would the Texas and Oklahoma schools do if they didn't have ISU and KU to beat up on? How would the refs be able to decide who to...
  18. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    True, but you react to the bad play and step up to keep them out of the end zone, then the replay ref boots you in the balls. Sure we can blame him for that. Just like Texas last year - we gave up...
  19. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    Yep, clear space in the Apology Letter trophy case. I guarantee you that call gets overturned against no other team in the country but Iowa State.
  20. Re: ***Official Iowa State at Oklahoma State Gameday thread****

    Ok, I am out of here. This board constantly dumping out to the App Store is too annoying for me to handle. Go State!
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