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    Re: Another School Shooting

    Put a National guardsman in each school?
    protectors and role-models.
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    Re: Helping kids with homework
    that is all you need to know. my employers want problems solved fast, they don't care how.
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    Re: AT&T coverage

    I have been thinking about switching to at&T. They offered me 4 lines 10GB for $137.00 month with my employer discount. Right now I pay $260 for 4 lines 3Gb with verizon .
  4. Re: Recent history says we lost a close heart breaker to Baylor?

    we are the kstate of 2013
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    Re: Is beating Iowa really all that fun anymore?

    at this point any win is fun
  6. Re: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson indicted on Child Injury charge

    thanks, I was thinking this...
  7. Re: WORST car you've ever owned for whatever reason...

    05 dakota, $1700 in repairs within the first 4 months of owning it.
  8. Re: What's the most mileage you've put on your car?

    02 dodge ram. 242,000 miles. no major repairs.
  9. Re: PODCAST: CCL preview; football recruiting banter

    I thought the old lady scene was hilarious.
  10. Re: First of all...I love Coach Fennelly at ISU...

    Yep, even look at the time Cael left. Just as gay marriage was about to become legal
  11. Re: First of all...I love Coach Fennelly at ISU...

    Cael left because Iowa legalized gay marriage, he is Mormon. Don't believe that bs about pa wrestling. Fennelly refuses to recruit gay athletes, as far as I'm concerned he can leave.
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    Re: Laptop recommendations

    I have a 2 1/2 year old Toshiba satellite. thing is solid as a rock, Dropped It on concrete when my back broke on me twice. A little scratched but still working like new. Newer ones are tablet PC's.
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    Re: Who has the most page visits?

    one away from 2000.
  14. Re: East Marshall High School athletic dept. gets $1 million donation

    wow. I should volunteer at an old folks home. Maybe I can give a millionaire one last friend before he kicks the bucket.
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - IQ Test

    150! not bad for a junior college grad.
  16. Re: Why was school delayed today in central Iowa???

    A big difference between 40 years ago and today is that today there is a history/knowledge/understanding that if a bus breaks down on the side of the road out in the middle of nowhere at -40. It wont...
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    Re: Rohach Article (ESPN)

    I don't think we can put all the blame on Mess. He called the plays but Rhoads picked the QB and Pope picked the RB for each play. There is plenty of blame to pass around.
  18. Re: Interactive map tracks every D1 football players hometown

    Harris county Texas (Houston) produces the most D1 players per capita in the state of Texas. Of the D1 college age males only 0.23% play D1 football. Polk County has 0.28% D1 college aged males.
  19. Re: ideas for cool tech gifts for under $100 needed

    fuel band

    Nike Store. Nike FuelBand SE
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    Re: Shawn Watson Louisville OC

    The reason we were so unsuccessful with mess is that Mess did not have full control of offense. Mess called a play, Paul pick the QB for the play, Pope picked the RB for the play. Terrible...
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