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    Re: Georgios in a boot

    Please don't ever do that when I'm driving. I would definitely **** a brick. I'll try to put a sign on my car so you know it's me :v_SPIN: I hate when people are walking on the road, especially...
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    Re: Congrats Chris!

    Gratz Chris. Enjoy the experience to the fullest.
  3. Re: Your top 3 favorite / most influential albums!

    These are not my 3 favorites (I don't think I can do that), but these are the 3 that influenced me the most.

    1. Rush - Moving Pictures
    2. U2 - Joshua Tree
    3. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
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    Re: targeting penalty

    [QUOTE=IcSyU;4185857] "what the hell else is he supposed to do?" QUOTE]

    See I think it is this mentality that is the issue that football in general has to figure out. I love football, I really...
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    Re: Jarvis West Fumble

    Just because the KSU player has his hands on the ball, does not mean that West doesn't have possession. Again looking at the picture it is clear to me that West has his one hand firmly on top of the...
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    Re: 3rd down run with lead

    I have no official announcement nor do I know anything about Levi Peters but I will tell you I watched him on the sidelines quite a bit for 10 minutes and he seemed to be in a LOT of pain, then later...
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    Re: 0 points in second half this year

    I have had this exact same argument many times myself, but I am starting to come around that it is either the QB or the style of run we do that is the problem. Certainly a big part of it is coaching...
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    Re: Song lyrics you love

    Don't believe the devil
    I don't believe his book
    But the truth is not the same
    Without the lies he made up.

    -U2, God Part 2
  9. Thread: AJ Klein

    by algonacy

    Re: AJ Klein

    Wow some nice articles here to read:
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    Re: Guardians of the Galaxy

    Listen, I'm seriously not trying to make a big deal out of the violence. That is not my intention and I can certainly move beyond it, but in my opinion it was too violent for kids under 12-13 years...
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    Re: Guardians of the Galaxy

    I know this will make me sound old and everything.... but I thought there was a LOT more violence than I was expecting. I'm not a prude (love the head-chopping scene in Fellowship of the Ring), but...
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    Re: Decent company if you ask me

    wow, very impressive. Now I didn't scour the list, but I did review it fairly quickly.

    Appears we are the 7th highest rated land-grant university (Texas A&M, Cornell, Georgia, Purdue,...
  13. Re: Grantland: Sports movie or not a sports movie?

    I can agree with everything he wrote up until his final line. <spoiler alert> I consider Bull Durham a sports movie... that is all. Doesn't matter what he says or how he defines it.... it is a...
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    Re: Friday OT - Red Meat

    I think everyone who answers "steak" should be dis-qualified. That is almost equivalent to answering your favorite kind of meat is "ribs". Both answers are way too generic. Example: the difference...
  15. Re: ISU projected game lines & % to win each game

    The sad part of that quote is that of the 5 games that are within a TD either way, we are favored in 4 of them.
  16. Re: ISU projected game lines & % to win each game

    That is a fascinating line of numbers there Baxter. Thanks.

    With that said, the voters / gamblers / bookies think we have a better chance of beating Kansas and West Virginia than we do both...
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    Re: Friday OT - Cyclone Dreams

    Oh back in the day I was going to be the next Jeff Hornacek playing for Johnny. Those were good dreams... I was the slowest white guy in the planet playing the point but I was one of those guys...
  18. Re: ONLINE VOTING please help a fellow Cyclone

    I am sorry Cyco.... I just don't do anything that distributes my Facebook account or opens my friends to Spam. I won't publically "like" anything. Again, sorry and wish you the best of luck.
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    Re: ESPN and their star based reporting

    I try to say this in the nicest possible way... please no offense is intended. But it is always my suggestion (on this thread and every other thread on this subject I have ever seen) that people...
  20. Re: Question for Operations / Manufacturing Types

    If you answer B then you are stating out loud to the world that you don't want to 'manage'. You want to sit at your desk and read Cyclone Fantatic all day at work instead of being out on the floor...
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