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  1. Re: Peterson: Can Hoiberg keep deep, talented ISU bunch happy?

    Gee, Randy, is that the best you could come up with from the Cyclone Mens media day? With so much to write about, this was your best shot? Try taking a holiday, get those creative juices flowing...
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    Re: First Full Weekend of BIG XII Volleyball

    Frustrating loss, especially since the Horned Frogs lost to UNI 3-0 - on neutral turf. It will take this team a while to gel, as there are some new parts to it And no matter what anyone says, 9...
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    Re: ISU Continues Cy-Hawk Winning

    Shymansky did not do his team any favors. His lack of composure clearly hurt them, especially in the second set, but also carried over into the third.

    I have to say I was pretty impressed with...
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    Re: The Greek sticks out a little bit.

    OK. So now where are the guys that said there were good odds Tsalbo would not even show up? It will be very interestning to see how he adjusts to college ball, and how his body reacts to the weight...
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    Re: Greek 7 footer

    First thing he is going to have to learn is to not read socisl media, especially CF. This kind of speculation is totally uncalled for. He said he will be here. He is excited to come, to be a...
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    Re: Preseason AVCA poll - ISU unranked

    Thanks for that. My history does not go back that far. In this instance though, I think there is a lot, and I mean a LOT, of support for Christy; if nothing else, look at her recruiting class and...
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    Re: Preseason AVCA poll - ISU unranked

    Can you translate? Haven't the foggiest idea what you are referring to.
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    Re: Preseason AVCA poll - ISU unranked

    The play of the team last year did not in any way reflect the level of talent. That was plain to anyone who attended the games. There were issues on that team, and lets hope that is now history,...
  9. Recruit Conaway named DDSM Register Female Athlete of the Year

    Congratulations Alexis.
  10. Re: Bridget Carleton Named To Canada’s Junior National Team

    She started against Mexico, an 84-51 win for Canada. Bridget played a total of 30 minutes - the most of any player on the team - and got one foul. She was 4-8 from the field, including 2-5 outside...
  11. Re: Bridget Carleton Named To Canada’s Junior National Team

    More on Bridget Carleton:
  12. Re: Bridget Carleton Named To Canada’s Junior National Team

    Sorry. I missing something in your post. What is your point?
  13. Re: A midsummer debate: Returners vs Newcomers, who wins?

    We are in serious trouble if our returnees, with their skill and experience, don't beat the newcomers. Mind you, we have some great newcomers, but if they beat the returnees, I am worried. Did you...
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    Re: Assistant coach possibilites??

    If we look at what Troy brought from Cornell (and the influence of Koll's mentoring), it was emphasis on success outside the practice room, including recruiting and fan relationships. I know Koll...
  15. Re: Cyclone Volleyball Readies for Europe Trip Next Week

    Have wondered the same. However, more than anything, whatever it was that happened last year, this team needs to come together as a team, and this trip should be a big help in doing this. Plus,...
  16. Thread: Bubu

    by psyclone51

    Re: Bubu

    Given the numerous Bubu threads, and the number of postings on each thread, the following remain pretty much true. People posting here do not know 1) what happened that night, 2) what evidence, if...
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    Re: New foreign commit - Giorgos Tsalmpouris

    What makes you even think this? After 4 years of each, it is pretty clear that Fran and Fred are very different coaches, and take a very different approach to the game. So, this statement really...
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    Re: Carleton verbals ISU WBB

    You picked a good name "knownothing." Her home town of Chatham is only slightly north of Ames.
  19. Re: Recruits, Trasnfers, Starters, and Whole Team of 2015

    Regarding starting line-up and our team make-up next year, no one has said - probably because it goes without saying - that Fred is always looking to improve his team. To me, this is another way of...
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    Re: Future Final Four for ISU WBB?

    This is one of the more enjoyable threads to read. Some actual thought and logic rather than whining and snarling. Complements to you all - well most of you, anyway. I wish all threads were as...
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