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  1. Re: texas will pay players 10,000 each when allowed

    I hope these payments don't come as lump sums to these kids when it finally does happen. Alot of college kids deal or do drugs obviously and let's be honest, a lot of these kids grew up in...
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    Re: New Article: ISU & Fred

    He probably assumed someone that broke an NCAA record as a freshman is in the NBA now since guys declare now after avging 8 pts a game.
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    Re: ***Official 2015 Recruiting Thread***

    Anyone know what happened to the corner on the first play of this video? Looked like a sniper dropped him about 3 secs after the TD. Also I hope Denver learns a few new routes other than just go...
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    Re: So close to being a solid team.

    Baylor didn't seem like a curb stomp this year, although I think they pumped the breaks and it was never in doubt. Also don't agree OSU was a curb stomping. Sure it got away in the end but if the end...
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    Re: Cole Netten

    Yeah, it wasn't even the onres that cost us at the end of games. Seems like over the years, we always missed the ones that would tie or give us the lead at any point in the game. When I was in school...
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    Re: Suits on flights

    That's a tuxedo....duh
  7. Sticky: Re: Week 9 Pick'em - Chance to win a Kegorator

    BYU @ Boise State (-6.5)
    Michigan @ Michigan State (-16.5)
    Arizona State @ Washington (-2.5)
    Mississippi (-3.5) @ LSU
    West Virginia @ Oklahoma State (-2.5)
    Texas @ Kansas State (-10)
  8. Thread: Lazard

    by cyclonebillski

    Re: Lazard

    All I was basically saying with the comparison is let's not get our expectations too high too early. I think he is going to continue to be great but Blythe's best yr was pretty much his freshman yr....
  9. Thread: Lazard

    by cyclonebillski

    Re: Lazard

    Well of course. Lane is like 34 right now and doesn't even play football anymore.
  10. Thread: Lazard

    by cyclonebillski

    Re: Lazard

    Which is the same thing everyone was saying about Todd Blythe his freshman yr. Lazard isn't even on pace for Blythe's freshman yr, I don't believe. I think he is awesome and actually agree with you,...
  11. Re: When do we win a national championship?

    Basketball- 2016. Football- 2034. Turf- 2015
  12. Re: I may have missed this but Mangino was screaming at CPR ...

    He was probably telling him he wanted to bleed more time off the clock before we scored because he didn't trust our swiss cheese defense to make a stand.
  13. Re: Fred: "The next banner to drop will be a National Championship banner"

    He just wants to win a NC this year so he can finally move on to the NBA next yr.
  14. Re: Iowa vs. Maryland, Battle to see who could be 10th place in Big 12

    Not going to lie, Maryland reminds me of ISU. Our offense is a little better and their D looks a little saltier, but they play pretty similar.
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    Re: Sherron Dorsey-Walker progression?

    We are deep enough someone may have to transfer eventually, burn I don't think it will be him. He saidnaftermlast yearning an interview that transferring wasn't an option. That would be like giving...
  16. Re: What does the "new" Georges Niang bring to the court?

    Im just hoping he didn't lose enough of that back yard he uses to create space. He uses his *** to back guys down and feel where they are trying to force him. I just hope he is still as effective on...
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    Re: Win a Kegorator! WEEK 8 PICK'EM

    Notre Dame @ Florida State (-12)
    Texas A&M @ Alabama (-12)
    Baylor (-8.5) @ West Virginia
    Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-8)
    Oklahoma State @ TCU (-8.5)
    Iowa State @ Texas (-12.5)
    Tiebreaker is...
  18. Sticky: Re: *** In honor of Pollard fine, HELP raise 25 K for Blank Children's Hospital ***

    Billboard in Cedar Rapids
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    Re: what are the biggest perks of your job

    Free golf, IPERS, pretty damn good insurance, get to work outside. Gave up a shot at making a little more money yrs ago to do what I enjoy and love it.
  20. Re: ***Official Toledo vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Sam is efficient enough today but has missed several big throws. I love the kid but he may not have it. I'd like to see if Rohach can create a spark
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