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  1. Re: Oklahoma's Mike Stoops wants to see lineman downfield rule examined

    KSU violates rules better than anyone. PI every play.
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    Re: ISU' Defense

    That is great, but what is the reason for the defense for Texas only giving up 3 less points to an offense that when compared to the UT offense our defense faced was not as highly recruited or...
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    Re: So close to being a solid team.

    Tornado Man, that was nice of you to go easy on cylove.

    First, doing more with less is criteria #1 for a HC here, both via deft evaluation of overlooked guys, and player development. That is...
  4. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills (reported UW commit)

    Good luck to Dime. I hope he leads Washington and TJ to a PAC-12 title. He could have been a key piece to our teams in 2015-16 and 16-17.

    A lot of impact players still out there. I wonder if we...
  5. Re: MONDAY MUSINGS: No moral victory in loss to Texas

    Yeah, almost as far as we were in 2010.
  6. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Clearly, but the point is we would likely be even better.
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    Re: Richardson On Pace: 3,450+ Yards

    My mistake, I thought those guys played with Blythe.
  8. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    (Sigh) Yeah.
    I'd love to see what Fred could do with a class full of great fits.
  9. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Different position, but it is too bad Brooks reclassified to 2014. Between him and Benjamin, Oregon has two SF that would have looked good in Hoiball.
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    Re: Richardson On Pace: 3,450+ Yards

    I don't think his surrounding cast on Saturday was that much better. Besides Bibbs, he was playing with 3 guys in their 4th Big 12 game.
  11. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Three of the 4 are from Seattle and the 4th is from California. A lot easier to get a kid from a large city on the West coast to Seattle than a kid from a Midwest city to Ames. There are a lot of...
  12. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    I do not think it would have a big influence, but you must recognize that the assurance of PT is likely to be a selling point when non-bluebloods are recruiting against bluebloods. You are not dumb...
  13. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Which could easily happen with who he shared a locker room with.
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    Re: Hilton Madness!!!!!!!

    Without a scrimmage or token practice they don't have a lot to work with in getting a crowd on a non football weekend IMO.
  15. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Deft evaluation of how a guy will make your team better, for sure. Does this guy have some front office in him?
  16. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Agree, but would say it is more about reaching the ultimate goal than beating KU.
    We have had one particular hole in our rotation for the past 4 years. To reach our goals we need more size, mainly...
  17. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Diallo is in another class as Dime IMO, but Dime not being a juco AA like McKay means little IMO. Hogue averaged better numbers in the postseason at ISU, and played a bigger role IMO than he did at...
  18. Re: I may have missed this but Mangino was screaming at CPR ...

    That is the risk of hiring someone with Mangino's resume. They don't really need to turn ISU completely around (on offense in this case) to get offers. Chizik. Herman (ISU was 90th and 97th in...
  19. Re: I may have missed this but Mangino was screaming at CPR ...

    He has Chizik's agent.
  20. Thread: Lazard

    by swarthmoreCY

    Re: Lazard

    Had you told me QB and West were injured (plus a couple others) and it would not have sounded crazy. I don't think he is at the go-to level yet anyways.

    It is incredibly disappointing that we will...
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