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    Re: Nut Cup is finally broke!!

    if only ISU has a QB that could throw an accurate pass.
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    Re: Big 8 logo on a sign?

    There is a place on main street in Ames that can probably do this for you. Called PhotoSynthesis. They do metal printing and know how to navigate all the trademark issues.
  3. Re: for the gamblers, what is the biggest bet you ever placed?

    Was driving from San Francisco to Omaha. Pulled over at the first casino I saw coming into Reno. Walked up to the first black jack table I saw. Bet twenty dollars. I sat pat and the dealer...
  4. Re: COUPON: Another sick TV deal from NFM in Clive

    Anyway we can get that deal at the NFM in Omaha?
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    Re: College Gameday

    This ^^^

    Here is the link

    "Also new this season is a flexible schedule that will give College GameDay the option to react to storylines as the season develops to better ensure visits to top...
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    Re: Question about formatting a computer

    Since you have this much time invested in it....

    Remove the hard drive. It should then boot to your flash drive and allow you to get into the bios and change some settings and look at the rest of...
  7. Re: Dropping the hammer on a company - internet style

    Might be worth giving these guys a call. If they are scam artists, I bet they would not enjoy being investigated for insurance fraud.

    Arizona Department of Insurance
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    Re: A Good Story on CFB Attendance, Nationwide

    Weather you buy 1 ticket or 4 tickets, you have to donate $5000 at a minimum to get a seat. If you spread the donation over 4 tickets the cost would drop to around $230 per game.
  9. Re: Cyclone Scuttlebutt: A nonexistent running game

    I think it was on the post game radio show that Ben said something along the lines that Baylor was lineing up all 11 defenders within 5 to 7 yards of the line of scrimmage. The numbers are always...
  10. Poll: Re: Poll: How long have you been a cyclone fan, and how do you feel about Rhoads?

    The lost generation. Most of us around for that glorious stretch of Cyclone history are just trying to forget it ever happened.
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    Re: running game??

    This in not completely on the OLine. There were plenty of plays that were stuffed at the line but there were plenty of plays where the RB didn't see the hole and just ran into the back of the pile. ...
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    Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    I like our chances in this game.
    Baylor is untested and on the road.
    Baylor has had two weeks to read all their great press saying they just have to show up to win.
    We've been tested and have...
  13. Re: All Big 12 Tournament games to be nationally televised in 2015

    Now Chris will be able to follow his favorite program, Baylor, while he is covering the Cyclones.
  14. Re: PODCAST: First look at Baylor, depth chart analysis

    Thought I was listening to a BaylorFanatics podcast.
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    Feedback: Re: Would you guys consume this ?

    What is the option for android users?
  16. Re: After seeing OU vs WVU: subtract 1 toss-up game

    WVU seems to be a team that gets up for big games early in the season. They then fade as the conference schedule grinds on.

    Still listing them as a toss up until they break this pattern.
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    Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Waco terrors

    Last year was definitely one for the record books.

    Hottest game, Coldest game, Worse margin of defeat, and Biggest come from behind victory.
  18. Thread: Beat Baylor

    by DarkStar

    Re: Beat Baylor

    It was pretty clear that the kicker was offsides.

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    Re: How Well Do You Know Your Science

    Your hand is the fulcrum specifically the point where the handle rotates around as you swing the hammer.
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    Re: How Well Do You Know Your Science

    The hammer part is also a lever. Bad question.
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