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  1. Re: Secret Scrimage between Minnesota and Iowa State in Ames on November 2nd.

    Our team would have been unstoppable last year. I think about it every day.
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    Re: sounds like Kevin Ware is hurt again

    I had a high ankle sprain two years ago. Was in a walking boot for a month. Couldn't really do any basketball activities for 2 months afterwards. They're no joke.
  3. Re: Top Coah-Player Duos in College Basketball for 2014-15

    While we're on the topic of Paige what happened to all the Iowa talent that was here a few years ago? I haven't heard of any top 100 talents or future recruits the past few years.
  4. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    My thought is that if this kid bounced because of competition we don't need his competitiveness. Obviously what we've already got is pretty good.
  5. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    I had the feeling. As a JC player one of his years would be totally played with a ton of other front court players. Hard to find minutes.
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    Re: Top Double-Double Machines in 2014-2015

    "He has the necessary skills to be the best player in the Big 12, "
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    Re: Sherron Dorsey-Walker progression?

    Naz was behind a bunch of seniors his Freshmen year. SG isn't the position to show potential on this team. You need to contribute because after this year we're going to have 3 other guys that have...
  8. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Just give us this one.
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    Re: The 7 Ft Greek

    Anytime you can be that tall, agile, and have that stroke it's only a matter of time.
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    Re: Sherron Dorsey-Walker progression?

    How? He can transfer after next year and be an immediately eligible senior. Besides that yes he limited. He's not getting screwed over. He's getting a full free education for a team that just won the...
  11. Re: NBC Sports - Top 25 Countdown - #17 Iowa State

    Last paragraph is the best
  12. Re: 2014 Closed Scrimmage: Minnesota Golden Gophers

    It wouldn't make sense to sit them the entire scrimmage. You play with lineups and have a few without Thomas, Nader, or Mckay in them.
  13. Re: Preseason USA Today Coaches Poll released tomorrow

    Is there a preseason Big 12 Referee poll? I'd guess we'd be pretty far down that one as well. I joke.
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    Re: Seth Greenberg tweets about ISU Practice

    I don't trust Mckay taking any kind of 3 point shot. Some random Cap City games don't mean anything. He looks like he's guiding the ball more than he is shooting it.
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    If you don't shriek at that dunk at 20 seconds there's something wrong with you.
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    Re: Recruit Lists v2.0

    Are we still recruiting Jerry Myles?
  17. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    So your saying he voted for UW because he would be the first person to vote that. That way if he goes there he gets all the points. If he hears something right before for ISU he'll just switch his...
  18. Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Diallo is a top 10 recruit and top 5 in some. I'd say he's the best of the two. If we get Dime I've got no objections as to whom we sign as the other person for the class. A 3 or 4 would be ideal,...
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    Re: When will the streak be broken?

    To say that winning games wears you out faster than losing games is ludacris.
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    Re: College Gameday

    They don't announce the site until the week before.
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