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  1. Re: Niang among players with bigger roles in 14-15

    Oh I just caught that-Funny
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    Re: North Carolina NCAA Violations?

    Sorry I should have clarified that. I don't know about the money or amounts, but am sure about the academic failures/cheating.
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    Re: North Carolina NCAA Violations?

    Having lived in Carolina country since 89, I tend to believe the McCants side of this story. It's not just a one slipped through the cracks either. It happens consistently.
  4. Re: Former Players You Wish Hoiberg Could Have Coached

    Former players is an interesting discussion...former college players who ended up elsewhere when they maybe would have stayed home had we been more successful...maybe even more discussion. I've...
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    Re: Would you rather?

    But every year there's also a team who had to schedule or reschedule at last minute. And with the BE in jeopardy that might open more possibilities. Of course the best answer is probably to win the...
  6. Re: Football Gameplan's 2012 Liberty Bowl Preview

    Well, at least he had the part about TD right.....
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    Re: Good or Bad?

    Good points but I think the complaint really is that no matter what we do, bb is a fast paced game so there are always bunches of times where something coulda/shoulda been done different for a win or...

    My computer is way to slow to keep up with the game, so I just watched the score updates on ESPN. Went online to find out final score and ended up on the Albany NY newspaper site with an excellent...
  9. Re: From a W/L stanpoint, would we be better in the SEC?

    Agreed,but at least we found out who our QB is and found 51 points of offense.:twitcy:
  10. Re: What did Stoops say to Rhoads at the end of the game?

    Glad i skipped to page 4. Still a minute of my life I won't get back.
  11. Re: Post 1980's. Who was Iowa State's worst coach, and who was/is our best?

    I'll give you the Ken Trickey,but Lynn had no support and was fairly successful in conference.He certainly wasn't great,but not at the bottom either.
  12. Re: Robert Smith puts Oklahoma on upset watch Saturday against Iowa State

    I thought we had a chance before Jake's injury/surgery. Pretty tall order now-just hoping it's not a complete blow-out since we have not been terribly outscored in any of the losses this year.
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    Re: Texas is hunting for a coach

    I think the only realistic oppurtunity CPR would have at UT would be as DC, not that I don't think he couldn't do the job, but I promise you the some of the powers-that-be at UT don't look at him...
  14. Re: DIante Garrett / Phoenix Suns now official

    So they finally found a replacement for Hornacek? I think that's how long it's been since I followed the Suns.
  15. Re: Post 1980's. Who was Iowa State's worst coach, and who was/is our best?

    Johnny built the house, but probably his best teams were mostly pre-1990. I'd have to say personal demons aside, it's LE,followed closely by TF and hopefully both will soon be surpassed by CFH. I...
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    Re: We need new UNI's

    Uniforms look good on TV (even better when we win)/ I am concerned about getting 2 more wins- and if CPR keeps building- compensating him better compared to the rest of the Big 12. Not saying what he...
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    Re: Jantz's role moving forward

    Unless it was a special trick play and was really needed I don't think we have the talent at QB to risk it, plus Lenz has proven fairly effective at those type of plays without risking the back-up...
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    Re: What's Buggin Andy: Bowl in Jack Trice

    (I'm guessing this was on local radio) but ...There is no way we get close to that unless we clean some things up.
    I am realistically hoping to pull off 6 plus a bowl game.
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    Re: Nervous about being picked to win...

    One or two people on a couple shows picked ISU,but only if we did such and such,which I would have to agree with. There are some ESPNers and Big 12 Showcase,Big 12 replay,etc. that do like our...
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    Re: Bubu Palo charged with sexual assault

    It's been 25 years since I graduated but I saw this play out every weekend I was in school-and that was just watching as a member of a dorm. He may be guilty or not, but there are always 2 sides and...
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