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  1. Re: When do we win a national championship?

    Basketball- 2016. Football- 2034. Turf- 2015
  2. Re: I may have missed this but Mangino was screaming at CPR ...

    He was probably telling him he wanted to bleed more time off the clock before we scored because he didn't trust our swiss cheese defense to make a stand.
  3. Re: Fred: "The next banner to drop will be a National Championship banner"

    He just wants to win a NC this year so he can finally move on to the NBA next yr.
  4. Re: Iowa vs. Maryland, Battle to see who could be 10th place in Big 12

    Not going to lie, Maryland reminds me of ISU. Our offense is a little better and their D looks a little saltier, but they play pretty similar.
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    Re: Sherron Dorsey-Walker progression?

    We are deep enough someone may have to transfer eventually, burn I don't think it will be him. He saidnaftermlast yearning an interview that transferring wasn't an option. That would be like giving...
  6. Re: What does the "new" Georges Niang bring to the court?

    Im just hoping he didn't lose enough of that back yard he uses to create space. He uses his *** to back guys down and feel where they are trying to force him. I just hope he is still as effective on...
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    Sticky: Re: Win a Kegorator! WEEK 8 PICK'EM

    Notre Dame @ Florida State (-12)
    Texas A&M @ Alabama (-12)
    Baylor (-8.5) @ West Virginia
    Kansas State @ Oklahoma (-8)
    Oklahoma State @ TCU (-8.5)
    Iowa State @ Texas (-12.5)
    Tiebreaker is...
  8. Sticky: Re: *** In honor of Pollard fine, HELP raise 25 K for Blank Children's Hospital ***

    Billboard in Cedar Rapids
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    Re: what are the biggest perks of your job

    Free golf, IPERS, pretty damn good insurance, get to work outside. Gave up a shot at making a little more money yrs ago to do what I enjoy and love it.
  10. Re: ***Official Toledo vs Iowa State Gameday Thread***

    Sam is efficient enough today but has missed several big throws. I love the kid but he may not have it. I'd like to see if Rohach can create a spark
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    Re: Malik Dime---Indian Hills

    Dude doesn't know ****. I would say Iowa State is probably the leader currently.Only
    Reason we wouldn't be the leader IMO is because we are after Diallo first. I'm sure we would make room but...
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    Re: How Safe is Artificial Turf?

    If lineman are getting cancer from playing on football fields, then I am ****ed with the PPM I come in contact with at the golf course everyday. Might as well make then funeral plans today.
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    Re: Low Calorie Meals

    What a coincidence. I'm into Italians, Mexicans, and anything I can drill.
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    Re: Week 7 College FB Pick'em - Kegorator!

    Indiana @ Iowa (-3.5)
    Auburn (-3) @ Mississippi State
    West Virginia (-6) @ Texas Tech
    Texas vs. Oklahoma (-14.5)
    TCU @ Baylor (-8.5)
    Toledo @ Iowa State (-2.5)

    Tiebreaker: Total points in...
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    Re: Win a Kegorator! - Week 6 pick 'em

    Sweet! Can you be entered more than once by winning or only one time? Basically wondering if I should keep playing or not
  16. Re: Pollard reports that Big 12 has informed him that overturning the call was correc

    There will end up being good out of this. Bet we see "experimental goal line cameras" is the big 12 next year.
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    Re: We can still make a bowl game
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    Re: Pollard Calls Out Big 12 Officials

    Why is this dude such a *******? I haven't seen a single person who said the play cost us the game, but it sure as hell changed the momentum. Complete 180. Drink your warm glass of milk and go to...
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    Re: Time for Lanning
  20. Re: Anyone else on a Google device keep getting taken to the Google play store on her

    Whew...was worried it was all the porn I was looking at :spinny:
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