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  1. Re: Your top 3 favorite / most influential albums!

    If I have to keep it to 3....

    Jethro Tull - 20th Anniversary Box Set
    Johnny Clegg & Savuka - Cruel, Crazy Beautiful World
    Queensrhyche - Operation Mindcrime
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    Re: Post-Iowa injury report

    I think all of the O-line knee injuries are a result of the plan from a couple years ago to recruit high school tight ends at around 230-240 and then grow them into 280-300 lb linemen. These guys are...
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    Re: Tues. OT - Best Sports Nicknames

    "Old Raisin Face"
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    Re: OL Jacob Gannon has left the ISU program

    This is just supposition but he did get burned quite a bit in pass protection last weekend. I wonder if they were going to start Campos and maybe he didn't want to continue if he wasn't going to be...
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    Re: Attorneys in KC?

    Not directly relating to KC (Since I am in Des Moines) but at the insurance firm where I work we have alot of lawyers cycle through our procurement/sourcing department while they are working to pass...
  6. Re: Who will score the first touchdown for Iowa State?

    Everything else has been covered so either...

    Tackle eligible to Brock Dagel for 3 yds.


    Fake punt - Colin Downing goes for 70 yds.
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    Re: What did you do with your first paycheck?

    I bought an Ovation Custom Legend guitar that I had always wanted.
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    Re: Friday OT - Biggest Oops

    Not my Oops but my Father's...

    When my family first moved to Ankeny in 1979 we lived on State street and the family next door were the Albaughs. Yep, that Dennis Albaugh. Him and my dad used to...
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    Re: Friday OT - Deserted Island Question

    1. Jethro Tull 20th Anniversary box set - (kind of cheating since it has 3 CD's)
    2. Supreme Pizza - You can deconstruct it for some variety and for ingrediants for cooking other things
    3. Air...
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    Re: Most Annoying word or phrase


    Isn't "buy one get one" how it normally works. You buy one and then you get that one.

    Shouldn't it be BOGT Buy one get two.
  11. Re: ***Official why don't we have a Midnight Madness thread***

    I'm in bed by then but how about Midafternoon madness!
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    Re: Friday OT - Your Embarrassing Stories

    Coming out of work one day maybe 6-7 years ago I'm walking to the parking lot with another guy talking and there are a bunch f people around. We each head to our cars and say goodbye not noticing...
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    Poll: Re: Tuesday OT - A Little Morbid

    Entombed sitting in a chair with a sword in my hand and my dead enemies at my feet. If I don't happen to have any dead enemies laying about then I'll go with cremation in a drifting longship. I've...
  14. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    Although I agree with about 80% of the movies mentioned sucking I will add the following:

    Godfather Trilogy
    Good Fellas

    I don't get all the mobster love out there.
  15. Re: Who is the most famous person you have ever seen in person?

    1. Jimmy Buffett - at Panama Red's in Nashville for the parrot head party before his concert. He was walking around taking pics and chatting up people then he sat down with us (we had one of the few...
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    Re: Fennelly's Floor?

    How about the scoreboard for Bill. Bill's Board, Fred's Floor.
  17. Re: Hoiberg at the top of Golden State's coaching wish list

    I don't think Fred is going anywhere, I'll bet that Flip Saunders has stated the Fred is not a candidate for the T/Wolves because Fred told him not to bother asking.

    My prediction for our next...
  18. Thread: MD 20/20

    by Leidang

    Re: MD 20/20

    I just made the cut when the drinking age changed from 18 to 21. My senior year into 1st year of college I probably bought more MD 20/20, Sun country Wine Coolers, Bartles and James, and cheap bear...
  19. Re: Friday QOTW 4/18 - What really grinds your gears about your SO or the Opposite Se

    This cracked me up because this is also my wife to a tee. She will sometimes start telling me a story from her day and by the time she gets through all of the background information she thinks is...
  20. Re: Friday QOTW 4/18 - What really grinds your gears about your SO or the Opposite Se

    This is exactly my wife and I as well. She also grew up yelling from the other side of the house to talk to someone or ask a questions whereas I was raised to get up and walk to where they are to...
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