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    Re: JP on Call-In Show Tidbits From Last Night

    I would also love if they were broadcast on iHeart radio. I understand it is because local stations want the revenue for local commercials via ratings but man.
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    Sticky: Re: Win a Kegorator! - Week 6 pick 'em

    LSU @ Auburn (-8)
    Alabama (-6) @ Mississippi
    Nebraska @ Michigan State (-8.5)
    Texas Tech @ Kansas State (-12.5)
    Oklahoma (-5) @ TCU
    Baylor (-16.5) Texas
    Iowa State @ Oklahoma State (-17)
  3. Re: Jim Brinson, of KXNO's Miller and Brinson, leaving Des Moines

    You are crazy, Miller has praised ISU fans over and over again. The only thing he asks, and I agree, is that ISU fans demand more! We have filled the stadium, donated, watched games via TV and bought...
  4. Re: Jim Brinson, of KXNO's Miller and Brinson, leaving Des Moines

    I can't believe some of you listen to the morning show, it is beyond terrible. They are immature and Travis is just a flat out bad person that is full of BS. I have not listened since early May. I...
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    Re: Something worth noting - Recruiting

    I actually want to credit this DL. There have been a lot yards given up on the ground this season by ISU but some of that has been on poor positioning by LB's and DB's. There have been a lot of times...
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    Re: Something worth noting - Recruiting

    Look at Lazard, dude was going to prom 4 months ago. He was a 4*? If people can't see that he is loaded with talent they are blind. Give him some time to get used to the college game and I think ISU...
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    Re: Something worth noting - Recruiting

    This is false.

    Follow @cfbmatrix on twitter. you will see that talent (*'s) are the biggest part to him picking games. He is right a ton. *'s are a big deal. 2* guys performing like Farniok and...
  8. Thread: CPR & Players

    by twojman

    Re: CPR & Players

    I liked the win today. Only Toledo and KU are worse than Iowa on our schedule this year. I think there is talent on this team. I hope there is a lot of development this year as I think 2015 could be...
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    Re: Ferentz vs CPR...what do you think?

    I thought signing day was a debacle...and the Hawks remember it too. I believe it was in May Brian Ferentz went on a bit about this particular instance. He did not 'name names' but you knew it was...
  10. Re: Unsportsmanlike penalty on ISU at 1:00 of the 2Q

    ISU already banned/played itself out of post season for two years...
  11. Re: If you want CPR gone, who do you want to be hired to replace him?

    Outside of the "Why would Lane Kiffin come here" talk, why on earth would anyone want him here. He is a cancer.He has fallen into more jobs and failed in them more than anyone on earth.

    My next...
  12. Re: Iowa (-14) favorite over Iowa State per Ken Miller

    So, what do you guys think about Ferentz not letting off the gas if he has a chance. I am pretty sure the Iowa staff was rubbed the wrong way when Rhoads went off on national signing day. Anything...
  13. Re: If you want CPR gone, who do you want to be hired to replace him?

    You mean the unknown guy that wanted to coach at Iowa State? Yeah, that would be bad.
    I would look for a relative unknown. Somebody with discipline, fundamentals and adjustments.
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    Re: Apathy is setting in

    The crowd looked and sounded great on TV IMO. The fans have absolutely done their part. Depending on how the Iowa game goes though I anticipate today being the last sellout of the season if we get...
  15. Re: I didn't see the game - Did ISU go away from what was working

    ISU did not adjust...had like 3 3rd and 1's that did nothing. A play action in the 4th qtr would have destroyed KSU but we ran into their line instead.
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    Re: The team is learning, that's a good sign.

    I cannot believe how the game finished. Yeah we looked better but wow. How did Richardson not see that blitz? His WR was wide open. We were very blessed KSU hurt themselves, out of character mind...
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    Re: Farniok could have returned

    SHocked Cotman did not have one of the trainers in his rolodex for an exclusive like that.
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    Re: Surprising spread for Kstate game

    I have K-State winning 45-17.
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    Re: Mangino: "No excuses"

    Did he really say that? Oh my, I always thought the dude was clueless regarding sports but if he dropped that nugget of gold for real, I may poop my pants.
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    Re: Monday Musings: Just win

    Urgency says Rhoads...Urgency. I guess that is all he can muster now.
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  • TV: FS1
  • Iowa State @ Oklahoma State
  • October 4, 2014
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