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    Re: Stephon Brown Commits

    Welcome to Stephon and congrats to the staff.
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    Re: Home Field Disadvantage?

    Ridiculously awful. Truly amazing that we've had the kind of crowd support that we have enjoyed.
  3. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    We were WAY outclassed in terms of talent in the trenches here, so it's hard to be really upset. The defense was way outmanned as well, but I'm seeing a lot to feel better about compared to last...
  4. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    That's beyond awful. It's AMAZING we have anyone still coming to the games with that kind of crap being served up.
  5. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    Blood on the jersey most likely.
  6. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    The difference in team speed is amazing. I'm shocked it's this close.
  7. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    Are we going to win the second half? Danny Mac is somewhere smiling.
  8. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    We are going to win one quarter! Yay!
  9. Re: *** The Official Baylor vs ISU Gameday Thread ***

    I want to hold them to under 60. Is that too much to ask?
  10. Thread: really?

    by Cyclophile1

    Re: really?

    Maybe they want a year separation between Syria and Warren. I think it's dumb.
  11. Re: Rob Gray: Must-read reflection on Jake Knott's final game as a Cyclone

    Amazing piece, thank you Rob. It's hard to describe how much Rob has added to the site. Tremendous.
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    Re: RB Rob Standard has left ISU program

    Respect. I hope he graduates and goes far in life.
  13. Re: Iowa State/Baylor depth chart notables; injury report

    I think it's a combination of Taylor being better than expected, Meyers being good enough size to play the 3Tech, and both being more needed against these pass happy teams where getting a rush is...
  14. Re: Rob Gray: Panic attack causes Gannon to leave program

    Sounds like the staff was very responsive to what was a deeper situation than many people, including myself, had assumed. I'm glad that Gannon is getting his issues addressed, and that's important...
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    Re: Kansas Score

    Gill was in the process of building what was supposed to be a 4-5 year project. He got the rug pulled out from under him mid way. We know all too well that re-building a program in today's college...
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    Re: Biggest area of improvement I've seen

    I think we're seeing a team that is improving in a lot of areas, and I agree completely with the OP. Pass protection and pass rush are improved and continue to improve. Also the offensive...
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    Re: Markus Simmons commits to ISU

    Awesome news. Congrats Markus and ISU staff.
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    Re: Leading Rusher Through 3 Games

    Yeah, I hear ya. We've had some inconsistency on the OL again this year and that's hurting us a bit. The group strikes me as more of a finesse OL versus a bunch of brawlers like Osemele and Hicks....
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    Re: Some more positive news coming...

    Perhaps Gannon had cranial rectal inversion therapy and teammates voted to let him back on the team?
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    Re: Are there 5 wins left on the schedule?

    I'd say KU and Toledo are high probability win % and beyond that we will be beating the odds. A lot depends on the individuals teams how their seasons play out, how much momentum they have, what the...
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