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  1. Misc: Re: FIFA exco-member claims 2022 World Cup won't be in Qatar

    The 1994 WC had games in the Silverdome in Detroit. They brought in sod that had been grown outside.
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    Re: another Appeal in Bub Case

    Yeah, getting affirmative consent isn't always easy to do. That's why I think encouraging college students to follow some of the other recommendations about preventing sexual assault are...
  3. Re: ***Week 4 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1) Purdue

    Week 2) Tennessee
    Week 3) Florida
    Week 4) Washington
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    Re: Arkansas State Fake Punt

    Yep, that's what I see, tackle eligible play with 2 WR on the line to the near side. The guy playing dead is covered up by the outside receiver so he's not eligible. Hence, he can't go out for a...
  5. Re: Marc Morehouse (CR Gazette) blames the refs

    I don't think this is possible. If a team is penalized for targeting, the player has to be ejected. I wish they'd allow the officials to have some discretion where something like only clear helmet...
  6. Re: ***Week 3 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1. Purdue
    Week 2. Tennessee
    Week 3. Florida
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    Re: Jarvis West Fumble

    It's consistent with defenders being able to break up a pass and it being incomplete/interception and not a fumble. The knee has nothing to do with it. The same amount of control is required for...
  8. Re: Sports docs' weekly blitz: A look at ISU's facilities

    Perhaps the bigger story is that in general a lot of college programs have surpassed NFL teams in terms of money spent on facilities and training.
  9. Thread: Kxno

    by LivntheCyLife

    Re: Kxno

    By well, do you mean Fred Hoiberg?
  10. Re: ***Week 2 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1: Purdue
    Week 2: Tennessee
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    Re: "Home Field Advantage"

    Here's my amateur psychologist opinion. The recent teams have not bounced back from miscues and bad momentum swings very well. And it seems worse for home games, perhaps because they play a little...
  12. Re: ***Week 1 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1 - Purdue
  13. Re: College Football Pick'em - Enter for a chance to win a Kegorator!

    Ohio State (-14) vs. Navy
    Alabama (-26) vs. West Virginia
    Georgia (-7.5) vs Clemson
    Florida State (-17.5) vs. Oklahoma State
    LSU (-4.5) vs Wisconsin
    North Dakota State @ Iowa State (-3.5)
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    Re: Just Found This - Cool Story Bro

    Cool to see that incredibly 80s basketball logo again. I remember it being on the basketball programs during that time.
  15. Re: How many of you and your family are ISU alums?

    Most of my family except me. Mom, dad, brother, 3 cousins and 2 uncles. My sister and I are the black sheep but both cheer for the Cyclones. I did take a couple summer classes at Iowa State.
  16. Re: *** Official U18 Euro Championship Thread ***

    I think it's huge in the fact it locked up a place in the quarterfinals and likely a good seed versus the fact it was against Montenegro. Also might just be referring to the fact it was a 15 pt win.
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    I'll admit I don't watch Stephen A very much but even if he said these things earlier, this is the classic NFL/ESPN/media pattern. Condemn an action then start the PR spin to set up the "comeback"...
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    This is such crap. Steven A Smith chooses to use his segment about Ray Rice and the NFL's decision to suspend him on a sports show to a male-dominated audience to talk to women about what they can...
  19. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I agree with this 100%. Both Rhoads and Hoiberg sell Ames and ISU as a place to focus and improve your game. I don't think Paul is just being stubborn here or only doing what he wants. It's part...
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    Re: Bowlsby: "Cheating pays presently"

    You read articles like that and it seems like it would be pretty much impossible to stop. I'd be really curious to hear what types of changes Bowlsby thinks could be done that would have any effect.
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