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    Re: FA Cup Final

    Yeah Gus Johnson doing the FA Cup on Fox this entire year has just been a crap shoot. Whoever thought him doing soccer was a good idea is an awful person.
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    Re: Show us your mug

    Possible mug night thread
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    Re: ***Official Niang Ankle Thread***

    Metatarsal is a longer bone in the foot. It goes all the way back to the middle of the foot, so I'm guessing somewhere in that area is where Georges' break is.
  4. Re: *** Official North Carolina Central vs IOWA STATE Game(day) Thread ***

    We gotta get Melvin going on the boards.
  5. Re: ***OFFICIAL Iowa State Big 12 Champions Thread***

    It feels good to be off the bubble. Automatic bids are the bees knees!!!!
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    Re: Monte Morris Intro Dance

    Your 7 year old has his own ipad.
  7. Re: The New Boys of Summer? MLS equals MLB in popularity with kids

    I'm not at all surprised. The MLS will hopefully get to that next level in the near future. This past fall I attended a few EPL games and the atmosphere is unreal. It would be amazing to see in the...
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    Re: ***Official USMNT Thread***

    If this is true Gedion Zelalem is next on the our recruiting list! Hope Klinsmann can add him to the US
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    Re: I feel dirty

    I'll go with rooting for whoever is playing Aaron Craft. Buzzer beater against us last year aside, that guy is a ******
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    Re: NDSU v Iowa State 2014 (after NDSU wins 3rd title & 43-2!)

    Yeah that time we beat the #2 team in the nation, Oklahoma St.
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    Re: Really fans???

    Saw a good handful of people leave down 9 at the 9 minute mark.
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    Re: Does AJ Klein play on defense?

    No he plays on offense.
  13. Re: ***Oklahoma Dual Preview/Prediction/Results***

    Larson's girlfriend didn't go to OU. I'm a former Ankeny student and I know for a fact he didn't choose OU because of a girl. He didn't have a girlfriend in high school. He probably chose OU...
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    Re: Iowa State reached out to Behanan

    Chane Behanan's Dunk Of The Year 2013 (6 Different Angles HD) - YouTube

  15. Re: Dave O'Brien: Hilton louder than any ACC venue

    Did you hear the PA announcer at the end of the game? Says "we got em" again. I'm not old enough to remember back to these days but maybe he did it after most upsets.
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    Re: ****Official ISU/BYU Gameday Thread****

    Studying in London for the semester and so bummed I couldn't be in Hilton on Sunday! Gonna be a late night tonight for me, hope we can pull it off. Go Clones!
  17. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State @ Tulsa Gameday Thread ***

    True. I won't disagree with anything anyone says about the faults of our OC. I wish we called plays pertaining to our players abilities. As far as I'm concerned SR can improve but with the...
  18. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State @ Tulsa Gameday Thread ***

    Remember when Jarvis West was supposed to be a huge weapon? Can we please start to use his abilities in ways other than screen passes?
  19. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State @ Tulsa Gameday Thread ***

    Yeah, my stream is good, no blips at all. Just didn't know if I would be able to watch a stream with JW and EH. Thanks for all the input though guys. Great help.
  20. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State @ Tulsa Gameday Thread ***

    Ok thanks, I did log in and go to live events. I just thought maybe they would have a better link than the one I'm using. Thanks for the help, Go Clones!
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