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    Re: Sexual Assault at CyHawk Game?

    How did the person get down on the field and into a teams sitting area? Where was security?
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    Re: He has 4 OWI's....

    He can't help himself. Question would you buy a car from this person? Better question would you hire this person to be your spokesperson?
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    Re: Hawk fans are the best

    How many saw the letters to the Register on the sports page asking if the series/game should continue. They asked the question last week so the letters came in way before the game. Some real good...
  4. Re: If you want CPR gone, who do you want to be hired to replace him?

    I love the people who say get someone else and if he leaves in 2 or 3 years so what. It will take a new coach alot more than 3 years to put his style of play/players in place and will probably have a...
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    Re: Did ISU even recruit Jake Waters?

    It's more than who starts, who is the first person off the bench when a starter needs a rest? K State has 22 jucos on their rooster, ISU has 12. If many of those on the K State are the first off the...
  6. Thread: Kxno

    by kcdc4isu

    Re: Kxno

    Without names/dates how do we know this is not just someone who wants to cause more conflict in the program.
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    Re: Rhoads' Contract

    Solurtion, all those who want CPR gone donate $10,000 each to the program to buy out his contract1 Or just don't buy tickets or go to the games and the AD will get the point.
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    Re: Wanted: 6 Baylor tix

    That should not be a problem with as many people who have trashed the team on here thye should be unloading tickets in droves.
  9. Re: 1700 The Champ’s “Out of Bounds” outta here after this week

    Simple answer "NO". We don't need news at 5 and again at 6 IMO and sure don't need the hour of news/weather/sports(?) at 10 on Sunday on KCCI.
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    Re: Don't look now, but you're being followed

    I tried it and it showed what I did. Problem is the locations are sometimes in an area not the exact location you have been to.
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    Re: 2014-15 WBB schedule is up

    I would bet that if BF would/could schedule some higher ranked teams for the pre-season and we lost half of the games.Then went just over 50% in conference games and did not make the big dance.The...
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    Misc: Re: Ryder Cup Captain's Picks

    Right now IMO Tiger is not fit to play in the cup. If he rests for the next few weeks he might be ready but IMO he only helps the TV ratings.
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    Re: Facebook Problems?

    Close out your account and then you will have no problems!
  14. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I am way over 30 but if you under 30's don't care what we think we can give our money to a group that does care.
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    Re: Mowing the Lawn

    Mowing, after 10:00 am so grass is dry and not after 7:00 pm. My neighbor likes to mow right at dusk so people don't see him.

    Snowblowing is before I need to leave so as to not pack it down.
  16. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    Do you have PROOF she is lying or is this just your opinion?
  17. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    I would hope we woould at least talk to McKenna to see if she was interested. IMO what they (KS) has done to these two recuits will come back to haunt hem come recuiting time. Funny how he is so...
  18. Re: k-state hires tcu's wbb coach to replace deb patterson ...

    A player who does not want to be on a team will do nothng for good team chemistry. As others have said just let her go, you (KSU) made the decision to change coaches so it is on you.
  19. Re: First of all...I love Coach Fennelly at ISU...

    Not if they reduce the football schollys more.
  20. Re: First of all...I love Coach Fennelly at ISU...

    I agree and believe the scholorship issue is key. One thing that has bothered me is the number of people on here who complain when we do not get an Iowa girl to come to ISU. These players are going...
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