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  1. Re: Monday Musings: I'm shaving my head and asking for your support

    just made my donation for the cause and as a thank you to the movers and shakers behind CF.
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    Re: Financial Planer

    Your response is so emotionally charged ... You must have had a bad experience at some point. With regard to your blanket opinion, I must beg to differ.

    Defensive planning (insurance) is no...
  3. Thread: Pause

    by daviscyclone

    Re: Pause

    The surface has just begun to be scratched!

    The bit about ames being a proud basketball community gave me chills - thats the truth.
  4. Re: Hoiberg Earns Big 12 Co-Coach Of The Year Honors

    The first of many...

    Congrats Fred!
  5. Re: Baylor handled us in Waco...what do we need to do different??

    Educational and useful post^

    Hope the "couple of shooters getting hot" you refer to turns out to be Scotty and CA on senior night.
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    Re: Do you think Royce is fired up or what?

    More importantly - Is chopping a head a flagrant foul or just a regular one?
  7. Re: Bet Between Ames Iowa and Piscataway NJ on the results of the Pinstripe Bowl...

    Glad the outcome of the game isn't determined by the effort put into the video.

    B/c, well, yeah...
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    Re: Grandma needs prayers.

    Amen to you both.
  9. Pinstripe game watch/Cyclone bar in Omaha, NE?

    Spending the holidays in Omaha, NE visiting family - anyone with insights regarding the best local establishment to catch the Pinstripe Bowl?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • TV: FOX
  • Iowa State vs. Baylor
  • September 27, 2014
  • 07:20 PM