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    Re: Granland article on Cy-Hawk game

    Really Tyler. Pot/Kettle. You might want to check out the picture of Iowa holding our trophy talking **** prior to the game.
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    Re: Under the Dome

    I liked the first season of it, but it's fallen into a rut of, 1) Dome presents environmental problem, 2) Solve problem and live another day. I'm willing to overlook a number of things, but that...
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    Re: If ISU wins tomorrow...

    If ISU wins tomorrow, there is an incredibly nice silence in eastern iowa for about month.
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    Re: Corner Concerns?

    The one play that had me screaming was the 3rd down play KSU had from inside their 10. Richardson was lined up at least 10 yards or more on the slot receiver. It was like 3rd and 6 and Waters hit...
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    Sticky: Re: College Football Pick'em - Week 3

    Tennessee @ Oklahoma (-20.5)
    UCLA (-7.5) vs. Texas
    West Virginia @ Maryland (-3.5)
    Nebraska (-10) @ Fresno State
    Georgia (-5.5) @ South Carolina
    Iowa State @ Iowa (-10)

    Tiebreaker: Total...
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    Re: Hoiberg's 2014-15 Prospectus

    Dude, I'm giggy about this team, but damn...look at UK.
  7. Re: Rob Gray: NDSU nervous about stopping Mangino's offense

    Maybe nervous is overstating it, but with KU & KSU, they knew how to game plan for them. They don't have that luxury against ISU this year.
  8. Re: CR area Clones - Cy's After 5 is canceled this month

    It's wasn't heavily promoted and I only attended it once, I thought it was a neat thing to do. I'm disappointed that DA's is closing, although the last time the wife and I ate there, the menu...
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    Re: What is this in my yard?

    I'm a lucky one. I have both voles AND moles in yard. I've been fighting it for 10+ years and they never go away. Every July/August their mesh of trails destroy the yard.
  10. Re: Linebackers: Perhaps a hidden strength for our Defense

    I think there is some decent talent at the LB position. Where my negativity comes into play, is that I believe our Dline is going to get blown up so much that the LBs are going to have Olinemen on...
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    Re: Templeton Rye is a Fake

    I read something just this week about this. I knew that many of these whiskeys come from MGP in Indiana, but one side affect I hadn't thought about was that so many people are drinking MGP whiskeys...
  12. Re: Rashon Clark comments on McDermott (In honor of his Birthday)

    Used by every person who doesn't know the whole story but would prefer to spout off about it anyway. Slander is only when the allegations aren't true.

    Let's try the occam's razor argument and...
  13. Re: Rashon Clark comments on McDermott (In honor of his Birthday)

    In hindsight, firing Morgan when replaced with Gmac looks bad, but those you who simply look at the public side of things are missing a lot. Morgan was simply not a head coach and was going to get...
  14. Re: Rashon Clark comments on McDermott (In honor of his Birthday)

    Taggart was a flaky ****** who was lured by dirty money
  15. Re: BLOG: I don't blame Baylor for a soft non-con

    It's worse than that. It's deliberately scheduled that way, so if one of the teams has an early loss, they have the season to make it up. In addition, while other highly ranked are losing in...
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    Re: Ankeny soon to be bigger than Dubuque

    I didn't have a large issue with incentive money until the city(and all of us) bought the old 5 seasons hotel. I understand their reasoning for doing so, I just disagree that purchasing it was only...
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    Re: Ankeny soon to be bigger than Dubuque

    The indoor market is pretty cool. We go there once or twice a month. It's crazy busy on Saturdays in the summer.
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    Re: Ankeny soon to be bigger than Dubuque

    Even downtown Cedar Rapids is experiencing growth. For years the city council has been pouring money into special deals for downtown developers at the expense of many other parts of the city. There...
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    Re: Microsoft to cut up to 18,000 Jobs

    He is cleaning up the mess Balmer made by buying Nokia which was a mistake.
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    Re: Motley Crue/Alice Cooper

    If you like Sixx's book, read Duff McKagen's book, "It's so easy..." Interesting read on early GnR and some of their fights with MotleyCrue.
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