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  1. Re: ***Official NDSU @ ISU Prediction thread***

    Sounds right to me. Mangino has the offense clicking. We struggle against the run, but make them work the entire field to get scores. Close into fourth quarter, but we get a turnover and FG to ice...
  2. Re: ***Week 1 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1: Michigan
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    Re: Ugliest Uniform Poll-Comcast

    Yea!! #1

    Awesome. Including any kind of throwback on an ugly uni contest is a stretch. And any ugly uniform contest that does not include some of the Oregon combinations or the Maryland uniform...
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    Re: What will make you happy this year??

    - Would love to start 2-0 with an upset win over KSU.
    - Could care less about Iowa game then, giving them a scare and demonstrating they are an average team would be fine.
    - One more big upset...
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    Re: Is it fair that ISU is on this list?

    Hard to argue.
  6. Re: Tony Stewart may have hit/ran over someone

    I think legally, this would be viewed as contributory negligence issue if it proceeded to a civil suit. Ward clearly contributed to the situation by getting out of his car and coming at Stewart. ...
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    Re: Royals are in first!

    Huge run lately, especially after the clunker start in Boston.

    Still a lot of concerns for me. Can Duffy and Ventura handle the innings? Holland is looking shaky.

    And yes, need to keep SungWo...
  8. Re: Tony Stewart may have hit/ran over someone

    idk. Maybe there should not be a civil suit, but I am guessing the family will pursue one. And based on the video and some quotes from other drivers and witnesses, I think the family would have a...
  9. Re: Tony Stewart may have hit/ran over someone


    (a) Can I believe this was a tragic accident and Stewart didn't see him until too late? Yep

    (b) Can I believe Stewart wanted to be a dick and intimidate the kid, resulting in a...
  10. Re: Tony Stewart may have hit/ran over someone

    Tough to see how this is going to end well for TS. I have no doubt that it was an accident, but his reputation and personality definitely leave the door open that he may have saw Ward and tried to...
  11. Poll: Re: What is everyone expecting? (in the long run)

    idk. Getting rolled by UNI at home is ridiculous, and it wasn't even a great UNI team. That should NEVER happen in Year 5 of CPR's program. And if we want to count the UT game as a win, we should...
  12. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    I will agree 100% with this. If you look at Iowa's schedule over the next couple of years, they play a MAC team at home just like we do. But they don't return the game. We play Toledo this year,...
  13. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    Very interesting. But with the SEC deciding to stay at eight, I think there is zero chance B1G will go to ten.

    But for sure, if B1G goes to ten, Iowa will drop ISU and I would not blame them.
  14. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    Dropping Iowa is crazy talk. No way we should be scared of them. Add the fact that Iowa 3OT game (and OSU OT game) are the best games I have ever attended in TWENTY years of FB at JTS.

  15. Re: ***Official why don't we have a Midnight Madness thread***


    Midnight Madness is pretty tired and cliche. Would be embarassing if no one showed up.
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    Re: ISU officially a Pepsi school

    Jack and Pepsi at football games? Boooo.
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    Re: Becoming a Blue Blood - Article

    Blue Bloods

    Great Programs
    Michigan State
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    Re: Tips for KC Royals Games?

    Tickets won't be an issue. Twins fans do travel well, but I have noticed it has dropped off since they got the new ballpark. I think Twin fans used to love to come to a nice outdoor park like...
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    Re: Kansas City getaway

    Bristol is very good seafood in P&L, no sushi.

    Best sushi I have had there is KOBE or Drunken Fish. Have fun!
  20. Re: Texas Tech freshman DB Nigel Bethel dismissed from team

    He should count himself lucky he wasn't playing with Britney Griener. :jimlad:
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  • TV: Fox Sports 1
  • Iowa State vs. Kansas State
  • September 6, 2014
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