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  1. Sticky: Re: College Football Pick'em - Enter for a chance to win a Kegorator!

    Ohio State (-14) vs. Navy
    Alabama (-26) vs. West Virginia
    Georgia (-7.5) vs Clemson
    Florida State (-17.5) vs. Oklahoma State
    LSU (-4.5) vs Wisconsin
    North Dakota State @ Iowa State (-3.5) ...
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    Re: Nighttime Prowler Caught In Action

    Where about in MSP? I've been getting notifications that there have been a lot of garage and car break-ins around NE St. Louis Park/Minneapolis Proper. Hopefully the cops can nail this guy since...
  3. Re: What is your experience-Tempur-Pedic, foam, vs "regular" mattress?

    We got this when we moved back to the midwest and we really like it. Has held up well, and we just have it on slats from our crate & barrel bed frame (probably a 2" slat every 5" center or so).
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    Re: Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Movie

    My wife worked at the MU Hotel Front Desk when we were in school... As such, they used to deal a lot with M-shop tickets and guests. According to her, Dustin Diamond was the single biggest *****...
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    Re: Kansas FB gets it wrong

    I love the helmet, for no other reason than I hope to play them on a sunny day... Receivers won't catch a thing with the glare off that facemask...
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    Re: Husband emails wife "no sex" spreadsheet

    I've been getting **** blocked by my 3 year old son as of late... He's basically shut me down twice in the last week and half. (Once by nearly walking in on the early stages, and the 2nd time he went...
  7. Re: Friday QOTW 7/25 - What are you doing with your life?

    Seriously... Too bad I'm doing 3 different surgeons. (Packers team guy, Greenwald in Ames (isu guy), and this guy is the twins guy).

    My mom has lived with a torn ACL (never repaired) since she...
  8. Re: The worst customer service you've ever received

    Oh dear... I'm transferring my Comcast service to the new house. Started with 100% battery, down to 39%. Holding on speaker.

    The irritating part is that I called in (at their request) and had...
  9. Re: Friday QOTW 7/25 - What are you doing with your life?

    Tore my 3rd ACL... The last fix lasted about 20 years. I seam to tear one every 10 years I guess.

    First ACL was in 8th grade basketball. (left knee)
    2nd was playing a game of racquetball at...
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    Re: Jack Trice Seat backs?

    Thanks all. Ordered from the website. For anyone else that may be interested, July 31 is the last day at the $40/seat rate. Goes up to $45 after that.

    I'm a big guy, so hopefully this will...
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    Jack Trice Seat backs?

    How does one rent these? Last year we had seats at the end of the row and there was only enough room for half of one cheek...
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    Re: Homebuying advice?

    This is what we're doing to a degree. I'm an architect so we looked for a crappy house in a great neighborhood. We also sought out a house that was big enough for us, with a good floor plan in...
  13. Re: The worst customer service you've ever received

    I've had trouble with Toyota Financial Services/Toyota for the last 6 months... Long story short:

    -We leased a vehicle.
    -We bought excess wear and tear insurance for about $500 based on the fact...
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    Poll: Re: How do you make your coffee?


    Exactly what it's named for... Owner is a big zelda fan.
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    Poll: Re: How do you make your coffee?

    Switch to pour over... You'll be happier, trust me! If convenience is an issue get one of the electric pots and a hario v60 (plastic is cheap, and has less thermal impact than the ceramic).
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    Poll: Re: How do you make your coffee?

    Pour over... Best of both worlds IMO. Gives me unlimited options on the beans I use (typically Half-Wit out of chicago or Grumpy out of Brooklyn), lets me tailor it specifically to my tastes (grind...
  17. Re: Baconfest expands (again). Moving downtown to Iowa Events Center

    Baconfest... Introduced me to the bacon rave wannabe... Middle aged former strippers (or bored housewives) pole dancing while a little person who can also eat fire in an Elvis costume spins some...
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    Re: Speeding Ticket Questions

    A friend of mine used to have a red mustang convertible which he drove too fast most of the time. He was pulled over all the time. His strategy was to call his small town lawyer who would contest...
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    Re: Any Recently Divorced CF'ers?

    As a child of divorced parents (I was 3 and my brother was 1 when they divorced), it is really important that you do what Yoda is doing. Divorce sucked, but frankly, my brother and I didn't know any...
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    Re: ISU Tidbits?

    Look up the steam tunnel thread on CF. Urban exploring.
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  • Iowa State vs. Kansas State
  • September 6, 2014
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