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  1. Re: enCYCLONEpedia: Gut punch recuperation

    Reading that actually made me feel better. Thanks.
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    Re: Mangino in the press box?

    Do any of the defensive coaches sit in the press box? It would make sense to have someone getting a big picture view for both sides of the ball.
  3. Re: NCAA gives more autonomy to power 5 conferences

    At some point things might normalize, but I don't think there will be much of a drop-off. The fan bases that really drive the bus aren't going to become less fanatical. Especially if the playoffs...
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    Re: ***Official Niang Ankle Thread***

    Georges Niang = Willis Reed. Bank on it.
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    Re: North Carolina Central

    After watching some replays of their games, I don't think they can guard Niang or Ejim on the perimeter. They have one guy who can bang around underneath and they seem to battle for rebounds pretty...
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    Re: Jeremiah George at Combine

    That's not good. He's already considered undersized. If he's considered undersized and a little slow, he might not get drafted at all.
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    Re: Kane's Ankle

    Is it possible that Kane's injury could be a long term positive for this team? We know it's not serious, and that he will be back. In the meantime, the team can go back to what I always saw as its...
  8. Re: Preview: Big 12 opener vital for team with title aspirations

    This is probably nitpicking, but if you are going to call a game against one of the worst teams in the conference "vital", "crucial", and "essential", doesn't that basically make EVERY game vital,...
  9. Re: *** Official ISU vs George Mason Gameday Thread ***

    Do we know who is doing the TV call?
  10. Re: Cheer for or against Big 12 teams in the bowls?

    I cheer for whoever I have money on. Other than that I just enjoy the game.
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    Re: Predictors

    There is no such thing as a "law of averages".
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    Re: The Victoria's Secret fashion show

    I think the one you guys are talking about is Karlie Kloss? But for my money nobody will ever be better than Miranda Kerr.
  13. Re: What Iowa player will be Boo-ed by Cyclone Alley?

    It's gotta be White. That kid plays bush-league ball. And we need the return of the SIT DOWN ____ chant at the opposing coach.
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    Re: Royce White interview NYTimes

    It's kinda sad, but it's not like Royce is the first person to waste their talent. I did get some entertainment out of reading the comments. Like the self described "huge basketball fan" who had...
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    Re: Cy-Hawk Predictions

    Cyclones 87
    hawkeyes 85
  16. Re: Iowa State vs. Iowa player by player matchups

    I think a lot of people are completely underestimating Marble. In my opinion he will be the best player on the court on Friday. Slowing him down is going to be a huge challenge. Luckily ISU has the...
  17. Re: Iowa basketball article with player qoutes

    It comes down to what you consider elite. Does elite mean National Title contender? Neither of these teams are elite. Does elite mean Sweet Sixteen contender? Both of these teams are elite.
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    Re: Iowa vs Notre Dame

    Aaron White graduated with honors from the Manu Ginobili School of Acting.
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    Re: Iowa vs Notre Dame

    Niang is going to be integral in our game against the hawks. He needs to find his game and stay out of foul trouble. Iowa has no answer to the plodding oaf that ND has at center. Niang at his best...
  20. Re: ***Official Kansas @ ISU Prediction Thread***

    I expect a back and forth game in the cold. Cyclones win 24-20.


    If at any point someone is up by more than one score, don't be surprised if the other team suddenly realizes how cold it...
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  • TV: Fox Sports 1
  • Iowa State vs. Kansas State
  • September 6, 2014
  • 11:00 AM