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  1. Re: ***Week 1 College Football Survivor Game***

    Week 1 - Purdue
  2. Sticky: Re: College Football Pick'em - Enter for a chance to win a Kegorator!

    Ohio State (-14) vs. Navy
    Alabama (-26) vs. West Virginia
    Georgia (-7.5) vs Clemson
    Florida State (-17.5) vs. Oklahoma State
    LSU (-4.5) vs Wisconsin
    North Dakota State @ Iowa State (-3.5)
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    Re: Just Found This - Cool Story Bro

    Cool to see that incredibly 80s basketball logo again. I remember it being on the basketball programs during that time.
  4. Re: How many of you and your family are ISU alums?

    Most of my family except me. Mom, dad, brother, 3 cousins and 2 uncles. My sister and I are the black sheep but both cheer for the Cyclones. I did take a couple summer classes at Iowa State.
  5. Re: *** Official U18 Euro Championship Thread ***

    I think it's huge in the fact it locked up a place in the quarterfinals and likely a good seed versus the fact it was against Montenegro. Also might just be referring to the fact it was a 15 pt win.
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    I'll admit I don't watch Stephen A very much but even if he said these things earlier, this is the classic NFL/ESPN/media pattern. Condemn an action then start the PR spin to set up the "comeback"...
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    This is such crap. Steven A Smith chooses to use his segment about Ray Rice and the NFL's decision to suspend him on a sports show to a male-dominated audience to talk to women about what they can...
  8. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I agree with this 100%. Both Rhoads and Hoiberg sell Ames and ISU as a place to focus and improve your game. I don't think Paul is just being stubborn here or only doing what he wants. It's part...
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    Re: Bowlsby: "Cheating pays presently"

    You read articles like that and it seems like it would be pretty much impossible to stop. I'd be really curious to hear what types of changes Bowlsby thinks could be done that would have any effect.
  10. Re: Commish Bowlsby and What's Next for the "Big 5"

    I don't know why you think there's less competitive balance now. Things seem much more competitive to me now than the OU/Neb days in the Big 8. I think there's 4 or 5 teams with a chance to win the...
  11. Re: More on Giorgios Tsalmpouris - Abdelmassih talks Greece trip

    Do you know how this is going to work since the national team is playing in the FIBA World Cup from August 30 - September 14? If he's on the national team that obviously cuts into classes. Maybe...
  12. Re: More on Giorgios Tsalmpouris - Abdelmassih talks Greece trip

    With some googling I found that the FIBA Europe U18 championships is July 24-August 3. I think that's what he's playing in.
  13. Re: New (Temporary?) Purdue South end zone renderings

    I don't see why people think this is so dumb. I think it would be awesome if the patio of the Jacobson building looked more like this.
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    Re: *** Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Thread ***

    I just realized Yedlin, Green, and Brooks will all be under 23 for the 2016 Olympics. Don't know how that will work with the 2016 Copa America also, but 2016 could be a fun summer.
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    Poll: Re: ISU Get A New Helmet After All...

    Ugh, more red logo on red helmet which are almost impossible to match. Do you think this will be used at a home game? I just don't see it working that great with cardinal jerseys.
  16. Re: Indiana offers lifetime degree guarantee for students who leave early

    Maybe on some of the other stuff, but the lifetime tuition for former student athletes doesn't seem like it would be.
  17. Re: Indiana offers lifetime degree guarantee for students who leave early

    I don't see why. When a student receives scholarship money to cover tuition, books, and fees, it's not income. It's reported to the IRS and you can't claim that you paid that money for tuition as...
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    Re: Friday OT - Your "Meh" Sports

    I don't feel like I have many sports I'm meh about. I really like the variety available in so many different sports and enjoy learning about them. I've been on a mission to find a favorite team in...
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    Re: *** Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Thread ***

    I think the difference is Altidore is the typical big target for passes from the defenders or defensive midfielders. It's his job to knock the ball down and get it to Bradley or Dempsey to then lead...
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    Re: Matt Thomas apologizes for arrest

    Yeah, I think the transition to college was perhaps more challenging for Matt than perhaps your average person, which is perhaps not surprising given his childhood. He still seems like a great kid...
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