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  1. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    Sorry if I don't see the potential everyone else does. Maybe a few years down the road the DT position will be solid, but I fear this year we will see other teams RB's gaining 6-7 up the middle on a...
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    Re: Football updates

    I know a few of the kids who work with the team and from what I'm told they are hopeful that the pieces they have will come together this fall, however the team is still a 'work in progress' (what...
  3. Re: RECRUITING: Top in-state prospect commits to Cyclones

    I guess what I was trying to say is there seems to be no overlap in offers to this point. Is it that we already knew some of these kids were Iowa bound and figured it was pointless?
  4. Re: RECRUITING: Top in-state prospect commits to Cyclones

    Is there not much talent in-state this year? I see Iowa hasn't offered this kid, however has offered 2-5 on the rivals rating list for the state. On the flip side, we've not offered any of those...
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    Re: Meet the Bagman

    Those who think RV went to the highest bidder should step and realize what that says about us finishing second.......
  6. Re: *** Official Oklahoma State at Iowa State Game (Day) Thread ***

    Game went out on me. WTF!?!?!?!?
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    Re: DeAndre Kane good guy again.

    How do you know Kane misused the word your?
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    Re: In state recruiting for 2015 class

    Sounds like the offer is at QB. Lots of good OL talent in this class. I'm very confused why we are waiting so long on offers. As someone else stated, if Iowa can evaluate one thing it's OL. And that...
  9. Re: Any Marriott fans? Honeymoon question

    I forgot the link to Wali Nikiti:

    Wali Nikiti
  10. Re: Any Marriott fans? Honeymoon question

    Scrub Island is absolutely amazing. I spent a week there over Thanksgiving 2012 and have been planning to go back as often as possible. It's extremely relaxing at the resort, I believe there are 52...
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    Re: RAGBRAI 2014 Route

    You stay in a hotel every night? Dear god

    If Kansas didn't have over 20 turnovers this would be getting ugly.
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    Re: Iowa Nice Guy - Dec 5th

    Anyone know what this guys background is? Is he an ISU fan/grad? Iowa? I really know little about him, but find him hilarious!
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    Re: Seneca Wallace

    Seneca looked horrible last night. As a Bears fan, it would tough for me to cheer against him. But them I remembered Micah Hyde and Bulaga played for Iowa, and it became much easier!
  15. Re: Rewind back to the beginning of the year

    I don't think you can say losing to UNI means no bowl game. Iowa should have lost to them the year they went to the Orange Bowl (Seriously, hawks can spin it however they want, blocking 2 FG's on...
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    Re: Chanse Creekmur - why not?

    I. Ominate ths for the most idiotic post of the day.
  17. Re: Tech's Offense is a lot less scary than they seem

    ha, I did the same thing. I was wondering who on earth thought we were starting true freshman at QB! That comment made me go back and look and realize it was a Tech fan posting that!
  18. Re: Should Iowa State be looking for a new conference?

    I'm starting to wonder if Bowlsby and his Hawkeye bias isn't starting to show it's head. I know it's hard to fathom, but I wouldn't put it past any former hawk to try and make our lives as difficult...
  19. Re: We get the last laugh on Iowa with their win over ISU tonight

    We do suck that bad. It sucks to realize, but this team is not even close to a decent team. I don't know whe we go from here, but immediate help is desperately needed.

    Yes, we lost by 6. He final...
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    Re: JP Macura officially commits to Xavier

    We are not getting Vaughn.
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