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  1. Thread: Ole Miss

    by ajk4st8

    Re: Ole Miss

    Bo Wallace = Steele Jantz
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    Re: New Depth Chart - NDSU

    Hard for us to waste a chance to score or really move the ball like you can on a kick off. Any bit of help this offense can get, should be taken
  3. Re: Defensive Line Lack of depth (apparent by the departure list alone)

    Might be tougher to cut jello with a filet knife than to run the ball against us this year.
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    Re: Mangino and Burnham interviews from page 1...

    The Roland story offense might put up big numbers vs our d.

    What's more scary is our inability to score against them during scrimmages.
  5. Re: My nomintion for the first hit tape of the season

    Never heard of 311. Not terrible.
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    Re: Cyclone TV fail

    Im officially dropping it. I like having it in August for practice vids, but thats about it. The 30 second adds are nauseating. The content is generic and a lot of is it free.
  7. Re: Wooo Pig Sooie! Looking forward to visiting Ames on Dec 4!

    not really a walk, but fairly close. There are several other bars in campus area that are more walkable. Its a great parking area to tailgate in and can likely be pretty nice. Normally in the...
  8. Re: Wooo Pig Sooie! Looking forward to visiting Ames on Dec 4!

    Tailgating for basketball is more limited during December usually. Several of us will still set up our tailgates, but if its 15 degrees and windy most people just head to the bars. We usually hit a...
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    Re: Lindy's giving us some love

    They lost to a team on their Bahama summer exhibitions... that OSU beat by 40. I wonder what the heck went wrong that game.
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    Re: Rob Gray: Some clarity at defensive end

    I cant wait to see how these newcomers stack up against a solid Oline.
  11. Re: Camp Insider: Mitchell Meyers earns starting DE spot

    True... This entire D is going to be really scary.. and not in a good way. The CPR era is built on winning games due to forcing lots of turnovers. So hopefully that is something this D can do. ...
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    Re: Dish network questions for tailgating

    Dont under estimate the wind near jack trice. You better be ready to hold down your dish.
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    Re: I would love to sit down with Mangino....

    Tom Herman agrees. Winning with our talent and/or depth is pretty tough.

    The type of guys that we think are REALLY good for us are a dime a dozen in the Big 12.
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    Re: Is it fair that ISU is on this list?

    There aren't many programs worse than us.
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    Re: Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    Just a reminder

    Gridiron Club members!

    This Saturday, August 9th, we will be hosting the CGC closed practice for members-only. Practice begins at 9 a.m., but you can join us for coffee, juice...
  16. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    Thanks for pointing that out.

    kevin deronde, Reggie Hayward, James Reed, Nigel Tharpe, Ryan Harklau, Tyson Smith,

    Just a quick look at the bowl game stats from that year shows all ofo those...
  17. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    Tharpe was in an NFL camp as well.
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    Re: Camp Insider: Will Wimberly return kicks?

    West and Nealy can both take one to the house. Both of those guys are REALLY good. 2 of the better kick returners in recent history.

    Im not sure if there is an upgrade to Wimberly. Or if there...
  19. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    The only 9-3 season we had included 5 guys at least off the Dline who were in NFL camps or on NFL teams. But thats it.
  20. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    Good news is the D horrid last year. Cant get much worse right?
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