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    Re: Manginos offensive scheme?

    I would hope something that doesn't entail being pushed around by a D-1AA team.

    It will be interesting to see the reaction of folks if ISU comes out and goes 3 and out on their first offensive...
  2. Thread: Lion Attack

    by madguy30

    Re: Lion Attack's somewhat unrelated, but I was in the U.P. a week ago, and kicked up a bear about 50 feet left of the trail I was on. The fluidity it moved with through what I would see as really thick...
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    Re: ***Official NDSU @ ISU Prediction thread***

    ...same here...I need to see an ISU team that can at least stabilize things up front against a D-1AA team (yep, that's what I'm calling it because that's what it is) instead of getting beat up,...
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    Re: Social Media Random Thoughts

    ...who act like children and teenagers at times...
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    Re: Social Media Random Thoughts

    I was on Twitter for about a day and came to the conclusion that M.C. Hammer is really insecure. Don't check it.

    I'm attempting to ween myself of FB--after all these years of posting things that...
  6. Re: Great article on Morris w/quotes from Trey Burke and Izzo

    Transfers typically occur if a player isn't happy about their situation, don't get along with their coach, or take part in generally shaky behaviors, etc..

    I don't see any of that happening with...
  7. Re: The Greatest Line Every Simpson Character ever delivered

    A total classic:
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    Re: What will make you happy this year??

    This. Maybe a win over a top-level team like OU or something too after the team proves me completely wrong about their ability.

    I have no idea why beating Iowa would be on someone's list for...
  9. Thread: Niang

    by madguy30

    Re: Naing

    Yes, the guy who has lost considerable weight and has on his mind how last year's team was a legit Final Four caliber team if he's healthy should have a hard time finding motivation.

    Add that...
  10. Re: Left out of ESPN's Big12 this week preview show?

    The B12 needs a legit, concrete network that's as accessible and broad as the BTN instead of this Longhorn crap.

    The BTN has been showing enough footage to make it seem like Rutgers has history...
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    Re: Iowa State Scrimmage 8/9

    This is worrisome if the punter didn't get much work.

    The program is lost if it can't fit to its strength(s).
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    Re: So what happened here...

    Sound points. One thing--in most circumstances, you can't beat better, and when they played against better, the opponent moved down the field pretty fluidly. A good example is at OSU that year. ...
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    Re: So what happened here...

    2012 could be in that same arena of thought...bad offense, average defense, but 8 wins not all that far away with the schedule. But, any team with a pulse should get 8 wins with their schedule most...
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    Re: Favorite Cover Songs

    M. Ward/Neko Case: To Go Home

    Jim James/Calexico: Going to Acopolco (SP). Still have no idea what Richard Gear was doing in that movie.

    Allison Krause/Robert Plant: Trampled Rose

    This guy...
  15. Re: Predicting the 1st Loss in 2014-15 for Top College Basketball Teams

    I don't believe this, due to it being basketball, and there's still some question marks, but that kind of a list shows just how far the program may have potential to go.
  16. Re: Power Five teams playing other Power Five teams

    If Kansas has had 10 wins and a BCS bowl win at some point, and ISU hasn't eclipsed 9, then that's deserved. I've watched all these years, and there's been about a 3 week time frame in 2002, and one...
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    Re: CFTV: Tommy Mangino talks depth at WR

    Now the key is, ISU's talent being more along the lines of what teams have that win games.

    There's a bit of D1 skill there, but pretty much any time I watch anyone from the top half of the Big...
  18. Re: CFTV: Mangino wraps up first fall practice as OC

    I seem to remember his KU teams being real fundamentally sound in little things. Hopefully that's the case here...that can make a world of difference.
  19. Re: Will not get excited till after the first game.

    ....there's been plenty of games in a variety of weeks that got me excited for the next one....and it usually doesn't end well. As a matter of fact...when was the last time anyone felt comfortable...
  20. Thread: Monte Article

    by madguy30

    Re: Monte Article

    It was almost like he was a little surprised when he got there...

    If all goes well, he should be one of the best guards ISU has had when all is said and done.
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