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    Re: ***Official NDSU @ ISU Prediction thread***

    ISU 34
    NDU 16

    Not as close as score indicates. ISU too much speed. NDSU too much turnover from last year.
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    Re: Who is or is not red shirting this year?

    So far Downing and Lazard are the only ones slated to play. Before the negatives start saying that's a poor reflection on the talent we brought in, I want to say I think it's a better reflection on...
  3. Re: ESPN's Big 12 blog picks Cyclones to go winless in league

    Why is this surprising? One of our wins last year, against WVU, was as lucky as you get plus we got beat by UNI. Fortunately, the Bizon this year are not anywhere as good as last year, and we get...
  4. Thread: Yancy tweet

    by Istate

    Re: Yancy tweet

    Spot on. Look no further than the 30+ year old muscle heads walking around. 90% of them were turds on the athletic field, but now that the athletes are getting old and fat, they feel better...
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    Re: Shots fired at Scherff

    Because we watched the game, and you're making us look stupid in this thread by denying reality. Iowa pounded us through the 3rd quarter but almost gave up a little early which gives some that don't...
  6. Re: Day after Monday Musings: Football expectations

    I'll take it one step farther. They had NDSU beat until two key injuries killed their chances. UNI was the best team in FCS last year prior to injuries. I will bet UNI makes the Hawkeyes sweat at...
  7. Re: been reading all the expectations posts and wonder ...

    Here's the quick breakdown:

    Above average Big 12 Talent - TE and ?
    Average Big 12 Talent - WR (maybe), RB
    Below Average Big 12 Talent - DE, DB, K
    Above Average MAC Talent - LB, S, OL
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    Re: Would you take a football scholarship?

    Starting to see why ISU football has been so bad for so long. With this many softies in this thread, one would imagine that one or two at some point had blood that played for ISU. If you wouldn't...
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    Re: BLOG: Post-spring position rankings

    Outside of dramatically overrating the oline, I think it's a pretty good list.
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    Re: post spring game depth chart

    Umm, I like optimism, but we'd have to see amazing growth (like the type of growth only seen by Barry Bonds and his cronies) to even sniff a little bit of what you say at the end of your comments.
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    Re: In state recruiting for 2015 class

    Silly comment. ISU would take a scholarship acceptance from any one of the guys committed to Iowa this second if they would change their mind. Recruiting is a tough game. Iowa has a slightly...
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    Re: post spring game depth chart

    Yep. Grant is just too inconsistent throwing the ball. Lanning is a couple years away from being a Big 12 qb.
  13. Thread: Devron Moore

    by Istate

    Re: Devron Moore

    Even if he were to come back how would be be eligible this fall?
  14. Re: Offensive 3 deep looking VERY good...QB is the only real question mark.

    Good lord, Iowa beat our butts last year. It took them losing interest and an onside kick to even get it interesting. I'll give you Texas. I'm not sure our offense could have played good enough to...
  15. Re: Offensive 3 deep looking VERY good...QB is the only real question mark.

    The biggest problem I see with your opinion is that your stating things about players pushing people or beating people out of playing time that just isn't accurate. I think Morrisey should be a...
  16. Re: Offensive 3 deep looking VERY good...QB is the only real question mark.

    I can get on board that Farniok is a good player. Man, I hope he stays healthy all year. I'm not on the same page regarding Gannon and Dagel. They've done nothing to indicate to me they are solid....
  17. Re: Offensive 3 deep looking VERY good...QB is the only real question mark.

    No matter how hard we spin it, we're still not real good in the oline. That combined with not having a short-yardage back are most concerning to me. I think we have two slightly above average qb's...
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    Re: Irving Arrested and Suspended

    Are you being serious or just trolling?
  19. Re: Notebook: Rhoads talks LB depth chart; Devron Moore update

    No kidding. What's worse? The news coming out of Ames last night during the "riot" that has lead to the cancellation of VEISHA this year or the news coming out of Jack Trice? Thank God this is the...
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    Re: Irving Pic Holding Stop Sign At Riot

    For most people, you are probably not far off. For David who has had too many other "mistakes," it's not enough. He broke the law by possessing the stop sign. If CPR is in such dire of need of an...
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