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  1. Re: Updated scholarship chart for the 2014 season

    Trevor Hodge has moved to safety and Justin Webster is back at RB.
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    Re: Tommy Mister: Update

    I have to admit that I snickered at the painful irony of Messingham's new title. All the best to everyone mentioned in this thread - things couldn't have worked out better for ALL.
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    Re: Video: The debut of "Cyclone Scuttlebutt"

    Way to go Chris. You are putting in the time, and that's excellent exposure for you and CF.
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    Re: Quiet before the Storm

    LOL. Just stop digging.
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    Re: Quiet before the Storm

    I honestly thought that the program had enough of a base under Rhoads to avoid the kind of disaster years like 2013. I'm in more of a wait and see mode, really just hoping we can make get back to...
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    Re: New Depth Chart - NDSU

    Right. It's not a freak-out, more like disappointing. Harris, Floyd and the other JUCO safety were recruited to come in and push for starting jobs, and Pierson was thought to be possibly starter...
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    Re: United Airlines - "Not a nut free airline"

    Well, we just all better start wearing space suits, you know. Just in case.

    Seriously, though. I think our reaction to the problem, over time, might actually make these problems worse. The...
  8. Re: Blum Preview Column: The season of wait & see

    Awesome read, as usual. The 3-and-out stat is simply mind-boggling for a BCS level program, and highlights the inept nature of everything related to our offense. That kind of lack of productivity...
  9. Re: Camp Insider: Mitchell Meyers earns starting DE spot

    I think Taylor is going to play a lot, and be the first DE sub. His body looked far more Big12 ready to me than Pierson's in the practice videos. Taylor looked very good I thought, maybe a bit more...
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    Re: New Commit - Ben Ewing

    Congrats to Ewing and the coaches!
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    Re: Gabe Luna might redshirt

    In some ways, this is good news. It means that the coaches think Taylor and Pierson are going to be able to give us what we need opposite Morrissey and Meyers. Ayeni and Luna redshirting also...
  12. Re: Rob Gray Notebook: Luke Knott better than ever; more from media day

    The SAM is basically a third safety in the pass-happy Big12, so it's unlikely that Knott will be playing that spot. I think he's got decent mobility as a linebacker, but he doesn't have Big12 safety...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Tattoos

    I'm old enough now to recall a time when tattoos were only really seen on "rough" people or rebels of one flavor or another, and perhaps the occasional enlisted military man. Unheard of to see on a...
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    Re: Camp Insider: Will Wimberly return kicks?

    Put me in the camp of those who want Wimberly to get more touches in space. If we're going to aim at limiting him to 15-18 touches per game, I'm fine with 2-3 of them as kickoff returns. He's one...
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    Re: Updated weight and height on the roster

    Looks like Trevor Hodge got a bit bigger and moved to the secondary.
  16. Thread: Tom Herman

    by Cyclophile1

    Re: Tom Herman

    This is kind of where I am with it.

    I think it's fairly clear that he was hell-bent on installing his system and was confident that he could get any guys he inherited to run it properly. He was...
  17. Re: Camp Insider: Sifting through the situation at DT

    It's really a tough situation because this wasn't a strong, deep position before all the dismissals. The attrition at the interior DL spot has been horrendous and it's time to pay for it. Ayeni's...
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    Re: PODCAST: In-depth on Big 12 football

    Love the podcasts. Keep up the great work. Congrats to Blum on the big moment. Relax and try to have fun with it.

    I like the optimism of the best offense since Seneca - I think the pieces are...
  19. Re: BLOG: I don't blame Baylor for a soft non-con

    No one cares about the first month of the season in December. Some pundits will say "they play nobody in the non-con" to which the obvious retort is "ran the table in the Big12." That's game, set,...
  20. Re: RECRUITING: Hallice Cooke visiting this weekend

    If you can grab a Cooke at 1/100 of the resources of a Vaughn, it's a no-brainer. We won't abandon our HS recruiting - that would be silly. That said, it should be clear that this staff sees...
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