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    Re: The worst customer service you've ever received

    Had one at Menards a few years back. Ordered a custom vanity for the bathroom. Got the call, said to was in. Went to pick it up and they couldn't find it. Went to CS and they were going to order me...
  2. Re: Monday Musings: Will competition breed future success?

    I see what you did there. Nice:wink:
  3. Thread: Tony Gwynn dead

    by mac4cy

    MLB: Re: Tony Gwynn dead

    The stats are amazing. Saw one on Twitter today that in his entire career he had 1 3 strikeout day and no time in his career did he strikeout 4 times in one game. To put that into perspective there...
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    Re: Game of Thrones Season 4

    I love character of Tryion so it will be interesting. My question is Arya and Sansa going to meet up now? Also I am reading the third book "Storm of Swords." So the show is a little ahead of where...
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    Re: Best play that was AGAINST us?

    This thread is so full of kicks to the stones that I am now going to walk around hunched over all day. Thanks.
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    Re: What's the last good book you've read?

    Agreed with the last few posters. I am about 3/4 of the way done with Storm of Swords and love reading it. The way that he tells each story of each character draws you in and you want to keep...
  7. Re: Champion's League Final: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

    Also, not that big of a soccer fan but I could not stop watching this all afternoon. Never in my life have I been on the edge of my seat for soccer in my life. That final minute was amazing and so...
  8. Re: Champion's League Final: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid

    I thought this exact same thing. That and just flex wherever I went.
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    Re: Friday OT - In-laws

    Love my in-laws. I knew them WAY before my wife and I were married and we dated all through HS. Huge Cyclone fans that have season tickets so I have been to numerous games with the in-laws. We are...
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    Poll: Re: Is your bed made every day? (Poll)

    Married and it is never made (only after washing sheets). Both my wife and I never see the point when we are the only ones who see the thing. Also she works night and usually there is always...
  11. Re: Who is the most famous person you have ever seen in person?

    In 2000 during the Presidential election my grandma got me into a small setting to meet then Vice President Al Gore when he was campaigning in Boone. It was me and about 10 other people that got to...
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Food Day!

    The wife hates Snickers so we make them with Milky Way. I do agree that Snickers is way better.
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Food Day!

    Milky Way salad. 3 milkly way candy bars, 1 green apple, vanilla pudding, cool whip. Add some milk and stir all together. A salad that is way better then most desserts.
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    Re: OT #1 - Favorite Grill/Summer Recipes

    We do this all the time. Make our own crust with a little cornmeal to prevent sticking. Throw the crust on the grill and go nuts with whatever you want on top. Pizza bar, make your own. Only...
  15. Re: Monday Musings: Four-year anniversary (share your story)

    The day McDermott left one of my colleagues asked who Iowa State should hire. My first and only thought was CFH. He tried to argue with me that he had no experience. Said didn't care. He knows...
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    Re: For the Dads of little girls.

    With three girls at home ages; 9, 6, and 3 this is my life. Most of the time they are in dance outfits and listening to Frozen. I wouldn't want it any other way. I love my girls.
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    Re: Great WRNL article

    A great article. I am one of those fans that have done everything in that article. What a freaking awesome ride this year in basketball.
  18. Re: All Sweet 16 starters ranked by

    Second all those that are ****** Naz is off this list. How can you leave the best clutch shooter off the list. Stupid.
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    Re: BLUM: Confident Cyclones trump logic

    "DeAndre Kane could step into a tank full of sharks and think that the sharks should be afraid."

    Love this line. We need to get some Chuck Norris type lines going for Mr. Kane
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    Re: Canadian Maple Leaf t-shirt???

    I also saw one in Naz Long's locker after the game. Was wondering where I could get one.
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