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    Big 12 vs Big 5 in the noncon - Week 1

    In the quest to land a Big 12 team in the first ever FBS playoff, performance in non-conference games versus teams from the other Big 5 conferences could be a factor for the individual contenders. ...
  2. Re: Dave Sprau on K-State podcast discussing Cyclone football ...

    It really does, Ciclone. An ugly trend, but I think the new ISU coaching staff gets it. They're managing summer camp with far more intelligence than last year, and I expect the squad show up ready...
  3. Thread: John Cooper

    by cycophagus

    Re: John Cooper

    Definitely one of the times ISU dropped the ball on a coaching hire. The Duncan hire was a lot like the Chiz. Big time assistant that was used to winning with superior talent but really couldn't...
  4. Re: Assuming for a minute that we beat NDSU.....

    I agree. It needs to be a pin ball game. High risk, even if it means falling behind early, or coming up on the short end of the turnover battle. This will maximize the number of snaps, and more...
  5. Re: Rob Gray: Jacob Gannon tackles problems on paper & in the trenches


    Welcome to CycloneFanatic! I've been looking foreward to your content after hearing Chris' announcement you were on board.

    Glad to read about Gannon, a home grown talent, on the verge...
  6. Re: Any guesses as to how the new "power 5" conference rules will impact ISU?

    Right. Once the process plays out and there are actual rules to assess, speculate on impacts will be more meaninful. I, too, am optimistic about how it will play out for ISU. It does seem like...
  7. Re: Any guesses as to how the new "power 5" conference rules will impact ISU?

    That would definitely be a mixed message. It looks, though, that there are more steps to the legislative process that have yet to play out. Acoording to an article on, Big 12 commish...
  8. Thread: Sold Out

    by cycophagus

    Re: Sold Out

    Timely post, Wildcat. This was a huge talker today on the sports shows. 2014 is a watershed year for change, and the old Man's speech will no doubt have its place in college sports history. ...
  9. Thread: Farmageddon

    by cycophagus

    Re: Farmageddon

    I have really enjoyed this name. It was a great idea! Now, I nominate you for the Farmageddon trophy committee!!
  10. Thread: Camp Notes

    by cycophagus

    Re: Less than 48 hours to Camp

    Who might change positions for this season for the good of the team, even if it means playing both ways? The defense needs depth at DT and LB, while the offense, IMO, lacks a sure thing, short...
  11. Re: What do you think Mangino will do on offense?

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    Re: Questions from a Red Raider

    In keeping with the Old Man's philosophy, I guess that would be "Mangino Family Field at Jack Trice Stadium". Of course, if Italian heritage is in play here, it adds additional meaning to the words...
  13. Commish Bowlsby and What's Next for the "Big 5"

    In the wake of Big 12 Commisioner Bob Bowlsby's opening remarks for Big 12 Media Days 2013, "Big 5" has become synonymous with what some would say is inevitable change in major college athletics. As...
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    Re: Media poll - preseason Big 12 ...

    What jumps out from this chart is the consistently higher than expected finishes by Kansas State and Baylor. This year they are picked 3rd and 2nd respectively. Oklahoma, fresh off their thrashng...
  15. Re: What 3 Questions Would you Ask PR at Big 12 Media Days

    What steps will you take to make sure the OL shows up healthy and ready for the opener?
    Who will be the next Cyclone linebacker selected in the NFL draft?
    In spite of last season's challenges,...
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    Re: Big 12 Predictions for 2014

    The 2 biggest games will be Farmageddon week 2 and @ TCU for the finale. The only time of year the Wildcats are vulnerable is in the early season when his JUCOs are still getting their bearings. ...
  17. Re: Sage via Twitter: "Exciting news from ISU today"

    And a fine call it was! No doubt in my mind these are the two best choices for a broadcast team. I've got a feeling they will be an instant hit. And with the LHN being an ESPN venture, these guys...
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    Re: Jake McDonough talks about paying players.

    Jake is a huge success story, given what he had to overcome, to get his shot in the NFL. He has experienced scholarship compensation first hand, and if he says stdent athletes should get more, then...
  19. Re: Five questions (Cyclones, Big 12) w/ an Athlon editor

    I liked Athlon's point that ISU will be stronger toward the end of the year, after having learned the Mangino attack. That could be even more true for the defense, given few returning starters. As...
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    Re: Luke Knott Article

    Could you be remembering Matt Tau'fo'ou, who was a JUCO All American MLB, whose last year was 2011.
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