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  1. Re: 84 illegal photographs from urban climbers

    Does anyone see these and wonder who the heck would want to work on these buildings?
  2. Re: 1700 The Champ’s “Out of Bounds” outta here after this week

    Wow...having Rome crumple up papers and talk like a dbag about USC football or the Broncos. Maybe even talk for 20 mins and not even now WTF he is talking about.
    or listen to local guys (good or...
  3. Re: 1700 The Champ’s “Out of Bounds” outta here after this week

    never understood the hate for local shows. If you like national shows that have zero to do with ISU then find the internet or Sat radio.
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    Poll: Re: Baseball Clock

    baseball really is losing interest.
    my kids will have a tournament on Saturday/Sunday. Got to be there 60-75 mins before the game starts to fricking warm up. Why does baseball need 60 mins to...
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    Re: Dish Network to DirecTV

    every single provider raises their rates each year for the most part.
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    Re: Watching shows offline on iPad

    dish network with the hopper. Just spent a couple weeks traveling. You can stream your shows from your hopper live or dvr. Before the trip you just need your iPad on your home network and you...
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    Re: So what happened here...

    Would like to point out that was back with 8 conference games and divisions. Baylor and OSU were not like they were the past couple years.
  8. Re: Teacher found intoxicated and pantsless on first day of school

    I am going to chime in here again.
    1st off. Forgetting your pants on your first day of work screams you have a serious problem. You have to be pretty wasted to not wear your pants. Seriously...
  9. Re: Teacher found intoxicated and pantsless on first day of school

    Wow...for some reason I read the story before looking at the pic.
    I had a 24 year old blonde without a care in the world in my mind. Then I saw the 2nd post. nice.
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    Re: Simple Football Question

    Wow.....That was depressing to see their schedule. Thats about as easy as it gets.

    First 3 games at home.

    In my opinion they only have 3 tough conference games. All at home
    NEB, WIS and...
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    Re: Simple Football Question

    I would rather go 0-3 non conference and win 6 conference games. I am tired of only winning 2-3 conference games.
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    Re: How long do we keep Mangino?

    I did not read any replies, but he is about the best guy for the job you could ask for at ISU.
    My guess is our offense will be above average, but knowing ISU football we can't have 2 good things. ...
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    Re: Most Annoying word or phrase

    I didn't read through this so it may already have been mentioned.

    Here is mine.

    someone at work comes up and says this:

    "For your FYI"
  14. Re: Husband emails wife "no sex" spreadsheet

    lol at this...

    I really don't think its too big of deal. We as a society track everything else. Excercise, Food we eat, money etc...
    I am guessing he had a couple years of frustration from it,...
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    Re: ANOTHER Airline Crash

    Bad timing for my kids sitting in an airport watching coverage of another airline crash. Flying is so much more safe than driving to Florida though.
  16. Re: Melvin Ejim is Headed Overseas to Play in Rome

    I don't think that applies here
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    My gosh this is refreshing seeing ISU compete with Kansas, Kentucky etc.. for recruits.

    Our coaches are really good.
  18. Re: Melvin Ejim is Headed Overseas to Play in Rome

    What is he getting paid?
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    Re: Inside Baylor's new stadium, McLane ...

    I would take a modern, loud and close feeling stadium than something like Penn State that looks like the boone county speedway and holds 110,000 people.
  20. Re: Need Advice: What to do with a 3rd bedroom

    I remember when I lived in a two bedroom apartment with 1 kid and a wife.
    Now I have 5 bedrooms and it feels like its not enough. Dang kids.
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