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  1. Re: The Greatest Line Every Simpson Character ever delivered

    Troy McClue has got to be the best character on the show.
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    Re: SEC Network hires Chiz

    So I'm guessing Chiz had a job with a less known, less historic studio, in which he performed very poorly? I mean that's usually his strategy.
  3. Re: Dave Sprau on K-State podcast discussing Cyclone football ...

    I've been high on Waters since he was at IWCC but I still thought Sams was more of a Snyder type of QB based on history. It really surprised me he didn't over take Waters. I think Snyder got a little...
  4. Re: Great article on Morris w/quotes from Trey Burke and Izzo

    Or a thread that call people haters for not thinking he's ready for the NBA.....seriously though, thanks for sharing. I wasn't totally sold on Monte right away last year but he made huge strides. I'm...
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    Re: Braxton Miller OUT for season

    Not good news for the Tom Herman bandwagon....feel really bad for the kid, when healthy he's one of the most exciting players in the country. I'm sure the media won't take this into account when tOSU...
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    Re: Michael Warren RB

    I think all of us are waiting for Nealy and Standard to produce. The future at RB looked to be pretty strong when we signed these 2 kids but neither has made much of an impact (do in part to being...
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    Re: I would love to sit down with Mangino....

    This is a myth these days, everyone runs some form a spread offense, heck most of these kids ran it in high school. Look at Texas Tech, they put up bigger numbers than we have in decades with a brand...
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    Re: QB decision to come on Monday

    This is really an excuse for Sam that people need to stop using, its not relevant. It's a cop out for an argument that doesn't need to be made anyway.

    Rohach didn't feel the need to take off as...
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    Re: OU files for Green-Beckham waiver

    This kid sounds NFL ready, at least off the field
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    Re: Robin Williams commits suicide

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    Re: Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Movie

    DId Belding(Dennis Haskins) die?
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    Re: In retrospect Marcus Fizer

    He will but what Georges will never do is sniff being a top 3 pick in the draft. I love the guy, in 2 years he's already one of my all time favorite Cyclones but to compare their NBA potential (at...
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    Re: Column: Don't sleep on Sam

    I don't think its going to be about who's better between SR/GR but more about what kind of identity this offense wants to have. That's a big reason the QB has been a revolving door the last 3 years,...
  14. Re: Hope for the D..rewatched the '13 Texas game..gave me much reason for optimism in

    The Baylor offense only (I Know "Only) racked up about 100 more yards against ISU than they averaged on the season. Our's wasn't the worst performance against their offense last season. I never said...
  15. Re: Camp Insider: Rhoads to focus on MIKE LB's in scrimmage

    He's been here since Jan '13, so no, its not 2 whole years to the exact day on the calendar but its 2 years of spring and summer ball and one entire season. That's a huge advantage for Meeks.
  16. Re: Hope for the D..rewatched the '13 Texas game..gave me much reason for optimism in

    Exactly, By that measurement, every big 12 team should be worried about their defense.
  17. Re: Hope for the D..rewatched the '13 Texas game..gave me much reason for optimism in

    That would be really nice, if SR had a bit more size he'd be a heck of a safety. Lynn is a guy I've liked since he showed up, lets hope the lights turn on for him this year.
  18. Re: Hope for the D..rewatched the '13 Texas game..gave me much reason for optimism in

    I like this position as well, Richardson had some really tough breaks and a couple near misses on INT's but he played def had moments. I expect him to improve and Tribune will be an all conference...
  19. Re: O'Bannon Decision-NCAA can't limit share revenue with athletes

    They just need to take the players names off jerseys, broadcasts, SportsCenter etc. None of these kids mind the free marketing they get as college athletes. Heck theres a new commercial with Matt...
  20. Re: 2014-15 expectations vs. 2013-14 expectations

    Final four, elite 8, sweet 16 idc really its just great to have a program we know is a threat to make a run every year. Losing Kane and Ejim hurts but look at the SR's (and Royce White) Fred has...
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