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  1. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    True but I still think there are greater dividends than thumping your chest when ISU wins. I don't know how you can quantify it but it has to help with recruiting, AD donations, sponsorships, etc.
  2. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    I can't get to this mindset. Dumping your in state rival just for the sake of getting a 6th win from a cupcake is pathetic. Just because other teams do it doesn't mean ISU has to. And check back...
  3. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    Blaming an AD who didn't have the foresight to predict football strength of schedule a decade in the future seems about right. :jimlad:
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    Re: Hot Tube Time Machine 2

    And it needs to have Crispin Glover!
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    Re: Hot Tube Time Machine 2

    I'm going to say he's shoots Lou. It would be a huge bummer if he's not in the movie.
  6. Poll: Re: How far away do you live from your birthplace?

    350 miles from South Bend to NE Iowa. About six hours give or take Chicago traffic.
  7. Re: 2014 Businesses closing stores or shutting down in Iowa

    Great little website I frequent.
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    Re: Walking Dead

    112 ounces? That's a lot of pudding!
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    Re: Walking Dead

    How much pudding can 1 kid eat?
  10. Re: Fennelly: "This is a hard place to recruit to"

    Ames is a great college town with a tremendous following for women's basketball. I don't buy the weather or lack of shiny things given the city is 30 miles from Des Moines. I work with college...
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    Re: Feeling a little duped right now

    Mac won 5 in 2000 and 4 in three years.
  12. As a married person, I need your help!

    My fellow CF buddies. My mother in law is in desperate need to collect votes for her local community center. She's done a great job of getting votes but would greatly appreciate your help! If you...
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    Re: Ultimate Cheaters

    In third grade, I cheated on my history exam. In fourth grade, I stole my uncle Max's toupee and I glued it on my face when I was Moses in my Hebrew School play. In fifth grade, I knocked my sister...
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    Re: 1-11 season

    An amazing statistic given the support of the ISU fans/alumni. Does apathy eventually set in?
  15. Re: Twins give Gardenhire 2 year extension.

    Great. Maybe another 96+ loss year for the Twins in 2014?

    Twins Payroll:
    Minnesota $75,562,500

    Other Winning Teams:
    Oakland $68,577,000
    Pittsburgh $66,289,524
    Tampa Bay $57,030,272
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    Re: OU v ND

    This really irritated me. Tickets were 95 each and there were tons of OU fans around me. As an ISU grad, I've never witnessed a OU loss in person. I thought today would be my best shot.
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    NFL: Re: Are you ready Vikings Fans?

    Trade AP, clean house (coaches & players) and try again next year.
  18. Re: Friday OT - Would you rather have Super Powers or be Super Rich?

    A better question would be would you rather fight 100 swan-sized horses or one-horse sized swan?
  19. Re: Sepp Blatter to request 2022 World Cup played during the winter.

    I agree 100%....are we supposed to believe no one had the foresight of realizing it's hot as hades in the middle east during the summer? Cash is the new God of earth.
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    Re: Notre Dame, no big deal.

    I assume you mean the shift to raise the student profile? I'd agree. For the class of 2013 the middle 50% of admitted students scored a 1390-1490 (just math and critical reading) on the SAT and...
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