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  1. Re: PODCAST: Dissecting the QB decision (Tommy Birch co-host)

    Got it. I'm a slow adult...:twitcy:
  2. Re: Camp Insider: Mitchell Meyers earns starting DE spot

    DL is in decent shape but we are 1-2 injuries away from being in not decent shape. DL has GOT to stay healthy. If Cousins or Jensen goes down look out.
  3. Re: PODCAST: Dissecting the QB decision (Tommy Birch co-host)

    I downloaded the podcast app onto my iphone (I'm new to iphones) but all I see the last podcast and not the new one. Is there a reason for this? I'd like to listen on my way home.
  4. Re: Thanks Las Vegas for helping me profit on our win against NDSU

    Dude is confident enough to throw money down on us beating a freaking Div II or whatever their called and everybody freaks out...OH NO DON'T GET COCKY! ****** just a freaking dash of swagger from...
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    Re: Over 40,000 season tickets sold

    I also almost wished they had not announced the first two games being 11:00 am kickoffs so early. I know for me it was a serious buzzkill learning that and frankly I have to miss both games because...
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    Re: Over 40,000 season tickets sold

    I think you have to be pleased with over 40k after a 3 win season but with that said it bums me out that almost 3k people decided to drop their season tickets because of a bad year. I mean, the...
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    Re: Dish network questions for tailgating

    My cousin and I do Dish (I have a honda generator as well) and we stayed with just a regular dish instead of the tailgater because the tailgater is not HD. Just seemed dumb spending that money on...
  8. Thread: ISU vs UNC

    by mustangcy

    Re: ISU vs UNC

    Just watched it with my wife. I'm not sure if beating Roy or Marcus was the best? Something about a kid spurring an home state team to play for a blue blood only to get beat by said home state team...
  9. Re: Camp Insider: Will back injury force Gabe Luna to redshirt?

    Well ****...
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    Re: Denver Johnson Commits to Iowa State

    The guy is traveling up from OK to Iowa to visit the campus and talk with the coaches....and we have ZERO chance? I don't think anybody is writing him down as a commit or someone we should feel...

    Good for you for not being a price gouging dick could get much more than $175.
  12. Re: CFTV: D'Vario Montgomery making the most of opportunity

    I'm assuming that was you that asked "you almost sound surprised to be in the program?" I'm guessing he's been on pretty thin ice but hey, ISU fans LOVE comeback stories and second chances that...
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    Re: Cedar Rapids Cyclones Ride to Games

    Damn, that's a pretty good deal. $150 for the whole season?! You can't hardly buy a single game parking pass with gas to and from CR for that. I'd be all over that if I lived in CR.
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    Re: Tickets Delivered Today!!!

    Wife just texted that I got mine today...and I live a few miles from the Missouri boarder so I'd assume most everyone in Iowa will get theirs today.
  15. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    That's counting playing two bad Iowa teams. You can bank on Iowa becoming an even better program in the future being in that West division. As much as people will shudder it's not laughable to think...
  16. Re: Linebackers: Perhaps a hidden strength for our Defense

    I like the optimism. I think they are a year away from being a "strength" but this year I think we can at least say they are not a "weakness". Knott and Miller have to have strong season and they've...
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    Re: Stuff you want to see this year

    This! The Oline has got to produce this year. Way to much experience and depth to be ineffective. If that doesn't happen I will have serious doubts moving forward. I do think we see significant Oline...
  18. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    BREAKING - Kirk Ferentz just said today at I believe the Big 10 media day that he believes the conference is going to a 10 game conference schedule in the near future. That certainly will make things...
  19. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    Would we have made a bowl game in 2010 if we had played Georgia St. instead of Iowa? Yes - we would have. Will we win this year? No. Could that make a difference in playing in a bowl? Yes.

  20. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    Dump the Iowa game. It's just holding the program back, what benefits it had are now gone and needs to be dropped.
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