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    Re: Friday Evening Discussion

    Not in a VERY long time, like maybe 5th grade (I'm now 27), but otherwise all were either anticipated or had a very clear cause...
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    Re: Seating and Parking Assignments Are Out

    Over by IC, nothing from ISU today. Just the normal BS credit card junk.
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    Re: How Long is too Long (Time you Sickos)

    A couple of weeks ago my GF and I went to Steak & Shake at like 11PM for a late-night shake, but didn't want to do the drive-thru, so we went inside. We got seated, and handed menus, and that was it...
  4. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    Punch Drunk Love with Adam Sandler...

    F that movie, and frankly after it, F Adam Sandler. That's when he really started to go downhill.
  5. Re: Paul Rhoads says Devron Moore will rejoin the team

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    Re: ***Official Friday Confession Thread***

    That sounds like a you problem.

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    Re: Favorite place of all time?

    About 5 years ago my family hosted a forgein exchange student from Florence, Italy. His family is VERY wealthy, and owns a villa in the Tuscan countryside. We went to visit 3 years ago and spent two...
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    Re: ***Official Friday Confession Thread***

    I don't see any scenarios where that is possible... Because there has to be at least one person around here who will do the pants-off dance-off, which will ALWAYS beat fishing.
  9. Re: Friday OT - In what area does your intelligence/skill lie?

    I've heard this referred to as fuzzy/fine geek(s). If you have the ability to take a very technical issue and make it palatable to the masses you can take a "fine" picture and make it "fuzzy" so it's...
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    Re: ***Official Friday Confession Thread***

    Right there with you. I have found, though, that if I go hard on a Friday and wake up to day drinking Saturday I can hang. I've gone to a couple of road football games in the last few years, and this...
  11. Re: Friday OT - In what area does your intelligence/skill lie?

    I don't know what category this would fall in to, but I have excellent recall for "pub trivia" facts. I know things that I'm not even sure how they got up there, including key plot points of movies...
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    Re: ***Official Friday Confession Thread***

    1. I have watched Pitch Perfect three times in the last 7 days.

    2. Time to get a little sappy. There's a girl I've been seeing for a couple of weeks, she is just getting out of a multi-year...
  13. Re: Hoops: Hearing ISU/Arkansas in Big 12/SEC Challenge

    Boo. Outside of UK or UF, Tennessee was about the only matchup that would have been interesting, even though they lose practically the entire team from last year. Mizzou would have been good too,...
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    Re: NBA teams interested in Fred

    How about a MUCH shorter list, eh?

    Teams that aren't interested:
    NY Knicks

    List done.
  15. Re: Friday QOTW 5/2 - Weirdest thing you've woken up to after drinking?

    Halloween of '05 - Me and some friends drove to IC from Ames. Woke up the next morning at my buddies parent's house a half hour away, and couldn't remember leaving Ames... I didn't have a shirt on,...
  16. Re: Yahoo Shutdown Corner says "George goes undrafted but shouldn't"

    Nothing to argue with, will most likely be proven 100% right in a few days. A good showing at the combine probably would have secured a late-round selection, but not getting to do anything made a...
  17. Re: Friday QOTW 4/25 - What is difficult for most people but easy for you?

    Taking tests. Even in subjects I was terrible at, like math. I retain the information and can recall it, but cannot eloquently put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, whatevs) or speak about a...
  18. Re: What's required for ISU to participate in this kind of money?

    Gotta agree with others. 1) Our tickets are already crazy cheap, and 2) tickets will NEVER get cheaper. We could sign a $100 mil agreement with Nike and our ticket prices will probably go up, most...
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    Re: How many pairs of shoes do you own?

    Own? 8 (maybe 6? I don't really know). Wear? 2 - A nice pair of black Ecco slip-ons, which go great with either dressy or just jeans and a polo, and a pair of sneakers that I wear 4-6 days a week....
  20. Re: Games of Thrones Book Thread (With Spoilers)

    Correct me if I'm wrong, which I probably am, but didn't Ser Barristan take awhile to "reveal" who he was in the book? In the show it was just "Hey Dany, I used to work for the King but got kicked...
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