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  1. Re: *** Official Iowa State @ TCU Post Game Thread ***

    But its true. Apparently you live in dreamland. No negatives in your life huh ZigZiglar? This team is HORRIBLE at outside shooting but im sure you think we're going to the final four. He is...
  2. Re: *** Official Iowa State at TCU Game (Day) Thread ***

  3. Re: *** Official Iowa State at TCU Game (Day) Thread ***

    Because this team SUCKS at the 3 ball. 1-9 right now. Pathetic. Brick Thomas has been a big disappointment.
  4. Re: Here's to winning 7 straight to close the season

    God, what a bunch of homers. This team is going to reallystruggle to get some wins because of their poor shooting. A terrible outside shooting team. Go against any team that can hit 3's on a...
  5. Re: Seeding for Big 12 tourney - not looking very good

    I don't believe teams care that much about the conference tournament either. It's stupid. Winning the regular season is all that matters. We won't win a game in it anyway because of our ******...
  6. Re: *** Official Iowa State at West Virginia Game (Day) Thread ***

    Wish Tyrus McGee was still around. Can't count on Brick Taylor. Wow, what an *** beating!!!
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    Re: Is this another "one and done" Kansas team?

    I did not and will not read as all the posts, so pardon me if this has been brought up, but you are all crazy if you think KU isn't going past the 2nd round. Bill Self is the best
    coach in the...
  8. Re: *** OFFICIAL Oklahoma at Iowa State Game(day) Thread ***

    Defense?! Hell, our problem is we suck at shooting from the perimeter! I guess it doesn't bother anybody that our best 3 pt shooter is our CENTER!!! Got to be kidding me.
  9. Re: *** OFFICIAL Oklahoma at Iowa State Game(day) Thread ***

    Exactly! I got some d-bag on here calling me a troll for bringing up the fact that we suck at perimeter shooting. We do! WTF are you thinking if you can't pick that up??? We are a horrible 3 pt...
  10. Re: *** OFFICIAL Oklahoma at Iowa State Game(day) Thread ***

    We are just a horrible outside shooting team. Kind if ironic with Hoiberg at the helm. In dire need of a big man and someone who can shoot the 3.
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    Re: Add 1 player to this years team

  12. Re: *** OFFICIAL Iowa State at Kansas Game(day) Thread ***

    Well, that's all she wrote. Game over already. OK State is going to work us over pretty good too.
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    Anybody who didn't think we were highly overrated is an idiot. This is a very poor outside shooting team. Ironic since Hoiberg is our HC. Pretty sad when our designated center (Niang) is our best...
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    Re: can we now stop...

    Brick Thomas?! I haven't seen him make a shot yet! And I'm not kidding. I have not seen this kid score a point. I am with the author, I have a buddy who always talks about Thomas as being the...
  15. Re: What if: Art Briles instead of Gene Chizek???

    Briles, Harbaugh, etc would have never stayed in Ames anyway. This post is irrelevant. Rhodes is the best coach that we will ever have that will not move when things get better. I happen to think...
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    Re: Preview/Prediction: Iowa State vs. TCU

    Who cares?!
  17. Re: ***Official Pillow Fight Prediction Thread***

    Weiger rushes for 510 yards and I drink 35 beers.
    Hoks - 31
    ISU - 17
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    Thank you Horns!

    Never, ever thought I would hear myself say that, but their win over OU, obviously, was huge for us. It all started when M'Baye (or whatever) signaled the upside down Horn (which I think is...
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    Poll: Re: Are we still going to the tourney?

    You've watched us all year right? We can easily lose out. Lost at TT and UT for ****** sakes! We can also win out…never know what this team is going to do. Also it doesn't help that the opposing...
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    Re: Making the Tournament and RPI

    [QUOTE=Wesley;3307529]We may get a play in game by not winning on the road again since some of our competition like Creighton is also losing. Colorado and Colorado State are both ahead of us. The...
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