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  1. Re: What do you think Mangino will do on offense?

    If we don't take shots down the field once in a while to at least spread the defense out, we'll never have the lead.

    If we play conservatively with the weapons we have, that would be beyond...
  2. Re: A midsummer debate: Returners vs Newcomers, who wins?

    I'm going to go with the Returners, but this really is a great question IMO. I don't think it would be an easy win by any means, and I think the Newcomers would win some games too if they played a 7...
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    Re: Stuff you want to see this year

    I want to see us be smart on both sides of the ball.

    Defensively, that means I want to see guys in the right position to make plays, and then of course make them. Also tackle smart too. Use...
  4. Re: What do you think Mangino will do on offense?

    The one thing I'm excited about is when I hear Mangino talk about how he was simplifying the offense.

    Baylor, from everyone in the know, runs a VERY simplistic offense. But you'd never know it...
  5. Re: What do you think Mangino will do on offense?

    I seriously hope you're wrong about this.

    I said all season long last year, and all off season this year, that we need to take a LOT more shots down the field. And now with Montgomery and...
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    Re: New Uniforms?

    Completely agree with you. In fact, I agree with Rhoads that I don't like it when I turn on the TV and Northwestern is wearing red, white, and blue U.S. flag uniforms. That is just stupid IMO. ...
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    Re: New Uniforms?

    Yeah.... but JP and Rhoads love the uniforms we have now, you know, the ones that the rest of the country laughs at continually rank as one of the worst uniforms in the conference. They love the...
  8. Re: ESPN's Big 12 blog picks Cyclones to go winless in league

    In all honesty, this team is just way too hard to judge. I could see us going anywhere from 1-11 to 7-5, and that's no joke.

    There are just a ton of question marks going into the season. The...
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    Re: RB Ozigbo announcing at 2:00 today

    ^^ just more Hawkeye ignorance and arrogance. Nothing to see here.

    They just cannot for the life of them fathom how a kid would choose ISU over Iowa. There always has to be some crazy...
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    Re: RB Ozigbo announcing at 2:00 today

    Yeah, that's the point I was trying to make, but you did a much better job of stating it.

    I was just trying to point out how delusional and arrogant many Hawk fans are when we land a RB commit...
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    Re: RB Ozigbo announcing at 2:00 today

    Are you still confident in Iowa landing this Ware kid? All reports now indicate he'll announce his decision to go to USC on Monday. Of course, you never know, he might pick Iowa over USC. If so,...
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    Re: Fargo Freestyle

    I don't know a whole lot about wrestling, but Harrington looked like an absolute beast to me the few times I saw him wrestle this year.

    How is he projected to do at the next level? Looks like...
  13. Re: Terry Ayeni tears ACL; 2 other JUCO's not yet in Ames

    You are right, I haven't played DL. But please inform me of a position on the team that has a lesser learning curve than DL, besides kicker or punter?

    Everything I've been told by coaches I know...
  14. Re: Terry Ayeni tears ACL; 2 other JUCO's not yet in Ames

    Yeah, I agree. Not being here is really hurting these guys IMO. I will say, however, that if there is one position on the team where you don't necessarily have to learn a lot, it would be DL. ...
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    Re: Devine Ozigbo commits to ISU

    Personally, I think Michael Warren will be the best of the 3, although him and Ozigbo are very different backs IMO, so I think they will both be used a lot.

    Warren is 6'1" and 185 lbs and runs a...
  16. Re: Terry Ayeni tears ACL; 2 other JUCO's not yet in Ames

    Just typical Iowa State luck.

    I don't expect a whole lot from Taylor or Pierson at this point. Not being in Ames and hitting the weights, learning the playbook, getting in playing shape, etc...
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    Jack is the greatest golfer in the world, and likely will keep that title forever IMO.

    However, let's not even pretend that he played against the kind of competition that Tiger is these days. ...
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    Re: How would our 2nd team do in the big 12

    They could finish ahead of TCU and TTU for sure IMO.

    I told a Hawkeye friend of mine a few weeks ago that Kourtlin Jackson (walk on at ISU this year) would probably make the two deeps on Iowa...
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    NBA: Re: *** Official 2014 NBA Off-Season Thread ***

    For some reason I'm not sold on Wiggins yet. I don't know what it is. I think the Cavs would be better off with Jabari Parker and Lebron James instead, but that's just me. I think Parker has a...
  20. Re: Phil Steele #s, ISU season Wins, & ...Beer???

    Yeah, that would be about as safe a bet you could possibly make. I don't think ISU has put 50 on anyone since Seneca Wallace was here, and that was against a MUCH, MUCH worse team than NDSU, that's...
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