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  1. Re: A midsummer debate: Returners vs Newcomers, who wins?

    That'd be a heck of a game. Newcomers probably have more talent, but I think the returners pull it off simply due to experience from playing together last year.

    This could be a really fun thread...
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    Re: Moline for work

    Yup, I had a friend that lived there and she really liked it. Close enough to downtown to walk, but far enough to not be too loud. It's right off the I-74 bridge so I'm not sure if the traffic is a...
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    Re: Moline for work

    If you want to be near bars but also in a nice area, downtown Moline is definitely the place to be. Lots of low income housing but you can find something at market rate (I'm assuming you want an...
  4. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I'm all for the sentiment that 18 year olds make dumb decisions, but this one is pushing it if you ask me. I just have a hard time believing that two school could be so close in every single regard...
  5. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I'd be pretty surprised (and disappointed in the generation) if any recruit seriously used uniform design as a deciding factory for their school of choice. If a kid is going to be that big of a...
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    Re: Art Briles calls Mark Mangino a "stud"

    Excellent post, mobile like! I wish more fans had this mindset.
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    Re: Peterson: Cyclones won't finish ninth

    Ah, it's that time of year again where the media puts out an optimistic prediction and the fanbase gathers unreasonable expecations for the season, and then call for CPR's head once we only get 5...
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    This thread is pure CF gold. We have too much talent for an elite player to want to come here? If that was the case, we should have been snagging 5* guys every year with McDermott.
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    Re: Team A vs Team B

    Wow, great job on setting the teams. I'd have to go with team B by a hair simply because of the Diante/Royce combo that everyone yearned for.
  10. Re: What 3 Questions Would you Ask PR at Big 12 Media Days

    Definitely a fair point. CPR was the victim of his own early success, as we keep expecting more from him. Last year we all assumed we would win 6-8 games because that's the track we were on based on...
  11. Re: What 3 Questions Would you Ask PR at Big 12 Media Days

    So basically, you take away all the great things he's done, and he doesn't look so great. Genius.
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    Poll: Re: Kevin Love Trade Scenario (Poll)

    Not sure how credible the source is, but it's definitely out there.
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    Re: Football Season Predictions

    Wasn't the spread for last year's Baylor game an abnormally high number that people were betting the mortgage on (and obviously lost)? I wouldn't be surprised at all if they put up 50+ on us,...
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    Re: Weird Al is back

    Word Crimes one is great, very clever. He actually shows a lot of intelligence in many of his songs; not sure if he writes all of his own music but he has to be a pretty smart guy.
  15. Re: Memphis to hire dad of 3 elite basketball recruits

    Yeah, it definitely looks a little bit shady but I don't have a huge issue with it. The guy has a good track record and was being looked at by other schools already.
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    Re: ESPN: 'If I ruled college hoops

    Sometimes I think you're not really an Iowa State fan, but really just an un-fan of every other school in existence. I've never been to their stadium but it looked pretty cool on tv.
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    Re: ISU,Iowa, UNI funding Formula

    You read that entire article but CyFan's 3 paragraph post (which offered a great point of view) was too long?
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    Re: Friday OT #2 - Weird Body Noises

    I have a fairly moderate case of TMJ, dentist says I'll likely have to get surgery on it eventually. I've learned to twist my jaw a little to soften the pop, but it's pretty loud if I don't try to...
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    Re: Friday OT: Favorite movie/song scene

    This was so perfect, it was like they made the entire series just so they could play this song at the end.
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    Re: Is Dominic DeLira the next Todd Reesing?

    I'll wait for him to get here before I get too optimistic, but it would sure be nice!
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