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  1. Re: What do you think Mangino will do on offense?

    To the casual fan, the play calling probably won't seem much different. I am, however, anticipating an offensive coaching staff working together as a unit. I imagine our offense as a whole will...
  2. Re: Blame Bruce for the current football scheduling

    There isn't anyone out there we can beat up on. In the last 8 years we've lost to Kent State, UNI twice, Toledo, and tulsa. Dropping the iowa game would be asinine. That game represents what makes...
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    Re: Stuff you want to see this year

    I wonder how much better we would be if we had 1 QB take every meaningful snap this season. Quit splitting reps and putting them in dangerous situations they could get injured.
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    Re: Pollard on KXNO

    We probably ran him off just like we did Tom Herman.

    Besides, Earl won a national championship as an assistant at Ohio State underneath Woody Hayes and alongside Lou Holtz. Ohio State was...
  5. Re: Rashon Clark comments on McDermott (In honor of his Birthday)

    He sounds like uncle Rico.

    Blame it on the ole coach.
  6. Re: ESPN's Big 12 blog picks Cyclones to go winless in league

    It isn't a positive if the national perception of your program is ****.
  7. Re: Prediction of ISU season with Individual Player Statistics

    Game by game statistical breakdown

    Passing TD
  8. Re: Prediction of ISU season with Individual Player Statistics

    14 more plays per game? That's like 5 whole drives
  9. Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 (XBOX 360) Online Dynasty

    any chance pastapadre will make a new roster for the 2014 season?
  10. Re: NCAA FOOTBALL 14 (XBOX 360) Online Dynasty

    same for me, but it will be after august 1st
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    Re: Football weight lifting tidbit

    This is a great post
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    Stoops at it again


    love it. He's not afraid to speak his mind. I'm tired of hearing about the SEC non-stop on ESPN.
  13. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    There are more threads about uniforms on here than actual football
  14. Re: Column: Paul Rhoads vows to keep things old school at Iowa State

    I just want to watch us play good football; I don't need new uniforms. I think Paul feels the same way.
  15. Re: Big 12 Preseason Defensive POY "Separated"

    Ok if any team deserves being called a rogue program, it's gotta be TCU.

    At least GP has been putting his foot down each time, but the amount of players that have been suspended or kicked off...
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    Re: Devine Ozigbo commits to ISU

    Now that dude is built like a running back! Looks great on film. We need a guy with some muscle that can hit the hole with some speed. Haven't had one of those in awhile.
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    Re: Peterson: Cyclones won't finish ninth

    these media guys can't win with some of you

    its either "NO RESPECT" or this time he's a fool for giving us a chance!
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    Re: Inside Baylor's new stadium, McLane ...

    the stadiums in the big 12 are only half the size of the ones being built in the SEC. We're falling behind.
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    Re: Art Briles calls Mark Mangino a "stud"

    He lost me when he called us a great team

    At what point during our 71-7 loss last season did he look across the field and think we were great. Coach speak all da way obvi
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    Re: How would our 2nd team do in the big 12

    team chemistry goes a long ways. the texas football 3rd teamers are more talented than our first team guys, but that doesn't mean they'd beat our #1's (at least not including last season)
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