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    Any clues on game times?

    I'm no longer in Iowa (for shame) but want to come back for a football game this year... I am looking at the Texas Tech game, because I also want to run the Living History Farms race that day. But I...
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    Re: Iowa State Quilt on Woot-Off

    When I click that, it takes me to golfballs. Where exactly do I find it or has it changed already?
  3. Re: Well that sucked, over it & on to the next game

    Yeah. We have got to adjust our offensive plan if we are that cold. We were in the double bonus with 10 left in the half and couldn't capitalize on it. At some point, you have to realize that you are...
  4. Re: Digger Phelps picks Iowa State to Final Four during GameDay

    I am basically chugging the kool-aid at this point...
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    Re: Framed Throwback Jersey

    Care to say how much that cost? I would love to have that done for mine but am weary of the cost of a professional doing it.
  6. Re: Ideas for painting man cave/ISU room? (Share your pictures!)

    How long did that take you? That is pretty sweet!
  7. Re: Ideas for painting man cave/ISU room? (Share your pictures!)

    Unfortunately I am in western Nebraska so the local sherwin probably won't have that in stock! But I got one of the throwback jerseys and I think I am going to have them match the colors from it.
  8. Ideas for painting man cave/ISU room? (Share your pictures!)

    The wife and I are closing on our first home at the end of the month, if everything goes as planned. We are discussing paint options and I get the large basement room as a man cave, at least until...
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    Re: What is this team's Ceiling

    Its the national championship.

    Look, we have all been bitten before by buying into the hype early (ahem football this year), but this is a team that has had, what, 5 players score 20 points in a...
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    Re: updated expectations for next yr?

    I am optimistic but lets at least get through signing day and into spring camp before we start this up. Getting Mister to recommit would put an adaptable weapon in the hands of Coach Man and make a...
  11. Re: ESPN: Nation's Top 10 Frontcourts - ISU #4

    It says a lot about the mentality of our team and the trust that CFH has that our bigs shot 9 3 pointers today...and it says even more about our talent and skill levels that they made 8 of them.
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    Re: ISU MBB Ranking after beating Iowa

    I like Oregon State and all... but they're not getting past Boise. They might actually be the best or second best team we've played this year, unless they've really flopped so far and I haven't...
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    Re: coaches all big12 ...

    Probably has to do with our offensive ineptitude vs. their relative offensive dominance. It's all about perception. Tech's offense was good, ours wasn't. So if they were choosing between the...
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    Re: Tyus Jones Jahlil Okafor Commitment

    Kansas has always gotten good recruits, so what if they get these two? It's not like we're a team of chumps, especially if we do happen to land Vaughn. I'm not scared of whoever they sign or put on...
  15. Re: KState loses to Northern Colorado at home

    Ha, and in today's ESPN bracketology (first edition of the season), they were a 9 seed and we were an 11... I have a feeling that will change soon.
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    Re: Why does Wally get a pass?

    Our defense hasn't been great this year, but we have really relied on them in the past. We play against the best offenses in the country, and had the second longest streak in the nation of giving up...
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    Re: how many schools keep a coach

    Who exactly would you hire, and how would you get them here? Every program in a major conference in the country can offer at least what we can financially. ISU has no history. ISU is in the middle of...
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    Re: how many schools keep a coach

    That might not be a 9 win season. That might be turning around a bad program and getting competitive/showing promise, and then they get picked up before they become too big of a commodity. In the...
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    Re: how many schools keep a coach

    You mean like Chizik? That one really worked well for us. We should do that again. How exactly do you plan to keep the young unproven guy here if he starts to succeed? He'll get snapped up by a 'big'...
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    Re: how many schools keep a coach

    We get Kansas and TCU at home, we should beat KU and TCU is not a team we should be afraid of at home, even in our current state.
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