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    Poll: Re: Who wins the Home Run Derby?

    Good lord you guys type fast!
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    Poll: Re: Who wins the Home Run Derby?

    Just saw a guy in an Iowa State hoodie catch a HR!

    ^^^ Beat me to it!
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    Re: What Would You Rename VEISHEA?

    Did a search of anagrams for the letters, here's what I found...

    Bad Shells
    Dab Shells
    Dabs Hells
    Dabs Shell
    Bads Hells
    Bads Shell
    Blah Sleds
    Blahs Sled
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    Re: Advice Needed: Windows

    That is my next step. I was just surprised by what they were asking. I replaced windows (myself) in a house that was built in 1908 about 14 years ago. Cost me about $500 (four windows $125 per). ...
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    Re: Advice Needed: Windows

    I actually got the bid through Nu-Vu. They did they siding on my house and did and excellent job, so I asked them about the windows. I'd just love a ball park of how much people would pay per...
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    Advice Needed: Windows

    I'm looking at getting new windows for my house, I got a bid to replace them and the price seemed high. I'd like to find out what it should cost, and am I about to pay too much. There are 20...
  7. Poll: Re: ***Official***Sunday Potato Thread: How do you like your potatoes?

    Okay, so I'm Irish which means I love potato in any form. That being said, German potato salad is my favorite. Don't believe? Have the potato salad at Hessen Haus!
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    Re: Latest on the non-con hoops schedule

    You do know that you are on a website called cyclonefanatic, right? I admire your fandom and agree that Kansas has had some good teams in the past but basically nothing that you post here is...
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    Re: More UNLV woes

    I don't think that ISU would ever be on that list (maybe pre Johnny Orr). Hilton is a great environment, the administration has shown it will support coaches (it would be interesting to see how long...
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    Re: Best 2013-2014 Cyclone Pictures

    Wow great list of pictures. This is one of my favorites, except for that lady in the glaring purple shirt looking at her **** phone. Anyone out there with Photoshop skills that can creatively...
  11. Re: Share your inadvertant embarrassing moments

    I was in a play once, it was a murder mystery and I played the detective. We only had five days to rehearse it and on opening night I gave a monologue about who I thought had killed one of the...
  12. Re: Convince me the SEZ is a Good Investment (Long & Numbery)

    So to summarize, our overall attendance increases justifies the expansion, even if we under perform we will see increased revenue in games against major schools/rivals, it will help recruiting, it...
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    Re: Guardians of the Galaxy

    I missed the discussion about what characters could be in what movies, and it is correct that Marvel sold the rights to different characters to different studios. You have to remember that at the...
  14. Re: ISU Men's Golf Team Advances to the NCAA Finals

    Whose the slacker at 70? By my count that is only 2 under par!
  15. Re: Convince me the SEZ is a Good Investment (Long & Numbery)

    Let's call this what it is. Jealous Hawk fan is jealous.
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    Help with a business website

    I am looking to start my own business website, but the host I started with (won't mention which, I don't want to bias this) is clunky. I'm not a whiz on the web, but have been frustrated setting it...
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    Re: SEZ information

    Wondering where they will be taking tickets. Not that it's a big deal, just wondering.
  18. Re: Excited to share a new rare pic of Jack Trice in an ISU fraternity

    Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Big 4 Classic nearing an end?

    I'm torn as well. I grew up just thinking that's the way it should be, in-state rivals should play each other. On the other hand, as several others have pointed out, a home and home series with a...
  20. Re: Keeping Dogs off Property (yes it is the offseason)

    Okay, that's what I suspected. Since I have a dog, it wouldn't bother me, but I figured it could bother others. That being said, it would be nice if there were more trash cans on bike trails.
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