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    Re: Niang transformation

    Offensively, it's a decent enough comparison. But, even at the NBA level, Kevin Love is a plus defender, and an elite rebounder. Niang, at the college level, is a minus defender and a minus...
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    Re: Babb to Dallas if Celtics Don't Work Out?

    What would you prefer we call it, Esquire?
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    Re: Babb to Dallas if Celtics Don't Work Out?

    He has the same contract with Boston that he signed in March, which is completely non-guaranteed for the next three years. So until they cut him or trade him, it will appear as if they're keeping...
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    Re: Question for Kansas fans (Basketball)

    I'll give this a shot.

    From Cliff Alexander, I'm hoping to get maybe 25 minutes a game of above average big man play that can sometimes flash elite. I assume he'll play the five almost...
  5. *** Official U18 Euro Championship Thread ***

    So, this thing tips off tomorrow at 2:00 Turkey time, which is, I believe, at 6:00am in Iowa. Here is the schedule, the Greek roster, and Tsalmpouris's profile. I have no idea if this is being...
  6. Re: Yep, it's too early but how about All League hoops this coming year?

    Staten, WVU
    Hield, OU
    Holmes, UT
    Ellis, KU
    Niang, ISU

    Foster, KSU
    Selden, KU
    Nash, OSU
    Spangler, OU
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    Re: Cheick Diallo

    Considering that Nick Bradford kept Hinrich on the bench for much of his first season - Roy finally made the switch to Hinrich, actually, after back-to-back road losses to Iowa State and Iowa* - this...
  8. Re: More on Giorgios Tsalmpouris - Abdelmassih talks Greece trip

    Embiid chose between Florida and Kansas. He was rated top 30 by every recruiting service, and as high as #6, by ESPN. At around this time last year, Rick Pitino said, "I think Kansas could have the...
  9. Re: Pick a coach to build your program for the next 5-7 years

    Are we assuming this is for Iowa State, or is it just some generic program? Because Drake, Harvard, Iowa State, and Kentucky are probably all going to pick different coaches. If it's for Iowa...
  10. Re: A look at Iowa State's Ballscreen Defense Problem

    I had forgotten about this. I just checked, and ISU was 28th on O and 20th on D on January 20, so quite the turnaround from there. It's fairly simple to pinpoint when the big jumps happen by going...
  11. Re: A look at Iowa State's Ballscreen Defense Problem

    This is a really good post, cyismydog, and is a little reminiscent of the stuff Zach Lowe - probably my favorite basketball writer - does on Grantland. The gifs and the quick explanations make it...
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    Re: Just Met Jeff Hornacek's Wife and Daughter

    Hornacek may have the best backcourt in the NBA as of two days ago.
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    Re: Self #6 Coach in ESPN Poll

    Yeah, he's basically managed to make this board unable to discuss Kansas respectfully or objectively, which has been pretty frustrating and off-putting for people like me, who value both.
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    Re: Self #6 Coach in ESPN Poll

    So you're saying I'm not wrong, but I shouldn't get to point it out? I guess that's understandable, given that this board has had to put up with 2000 posts of twocoach's drivel over the last 6...
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    Re: Self #6 Coach in ESPN Poll

    I don't know what right now means, and of course they don't define it, but in the last three tournaments, Self has eight wins and three conference championships, while Coach K has three wins,...
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    Re: Self #6 Coach in ESPN Poll

    Blind Resume, Last Eight Years:

    National Championships: Coach A 1, Coach B 1
    National Title Games: Coach A 2, Coach B 1
    Final Fours: Coach A 2, Coach B 1
    Elite Eights: Coach A 4, Coach B 2...
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    Re: Self #6 Coach in ESPN Poll

    Self has more tournament wins than Coach K over the last (name literally any number but two, where they are tied) years, and has won EIGHT more conference championships than Coach K over the last...
  18. Thread: ISU Tidbits?

    by kucyclone

    Re: ISU Tidbits?


    I used to give some tours, and I've since forgotten basically everything I learned except for this joke. I never actually told it on tours, though, because it's just so incredibly lame.
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    Re: BLUM: Monster NBA Draft Preview

    Aldridge's shot chart:

    Vonleh's shot chart:
  20. Re: Monday Musings: Hoops recruiting under Hoiberg (analysis)

    You can find PER. Start here.

    Really hard to find +/-, though, because substitutions aren't kept in publicly-available play-by-play data, so any undertaking to track +/- requires tracking every...
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