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  1. Re: Monday Musings: Hoiberg talks high expectations

    I read this and thought "Edozie" instead of Tsalmobubba.

    I would kind of expect a skinny 7-footer to redshirt, esp if he is getting here late from Greece. But I have expected lots of guys to...
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    Re: First Female Official in the Big XII

    I am completely confident she can attain equality with the level of incompetence of her male counterparts.

    But what will Fake Dan Beebe or the Big12Refs have to say?
  3. Re: Why College Football Is Studying Major League Soccer

    Saw that. Kind of reminded me of what JP is doing with "game experience". Sort of making the game an event where winning/losing is less important to ticket demand. Trying to make demand more...
  4. Re: What 3 Questions Would you Ask PR at Big 12 Media Days

    What is your name?

    What is your quest?

    What is your favorite color?
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    Re: Another Malaysia airlines crash?

    Occams razor for me - separatists with "found" Russian SAMs. They have already been shooting down transport planes. They see ML 777 and think it's Ukraine military transport and shoot it down. ...
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    Re: Iowa State 9th in preseason media poll

    Saw headline, thought it meant basketball.
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    Re: OT - Magnetic Field Switch

    OK, I know a little about physics, but not enough. Could this weakening magnetic field possibly be allowing more radiation to the surface and be part of warming the planet?? Or do the...
  8. Re: What if we find another inhabitable planet?

    Much more cost effective to send the smart people. Much smaller spaceship required. MUCH.
  9. Re: New (Temporary?) Purdue South end zone renderings

    "please enjoy a $9 beer in the patio once you've given up hope on winning the game midway thru the 2nd quarter. Boiler up!"
  10. Re: What's the oldest piece of clothing you own?

    I think the oldest thing I have is a t-shirt from ISU engineering camp in summer 1989. Don't wear it anymore, it's a little threadbare. But that was the camp that convinced me engineering and ISU...
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    Re: Apparently Michael Bay is a genius

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating their audience's intelligence.
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    Re: Iowa is #6 in average student debt.

    So Iowans have relatively more student debt, and relatively less overall debt? Can't that be read as we value education and try to avoid borrowing too much for lifestyle stuff? That's OK with me.
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    Re: Lawnmower Advice

    I think good advice on here already, but another option is what my folks did.

    They have about 4 acres and made about 1 acre into nice lawn around the house, and planted the rest in alfalfa. Then...
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    Re: New Baylor Stadium Renderings

    Wow, did they pay extra to the artists to make it look like a authentic gameday crowd?
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    Re: BYU wants in the Big 12

    I think you are right on this. Eventually 4 super conferences with 16 each. Pac12, SEC, B1G and Big12. The Big12 stays small and strong for now, and then can be more easily combined with the ACC. ...
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    Re: *** Official Fourth of July Thread ***

    Freedom and liberty.

    Think about most of the world, and then thank Divine Providence and our armed forces that you live in the USA. Do not take it for granted.
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    Re: Independence Day Booze

    Wife bought Leinie's summer shandy which and JP's Ould Sod Red Irish IPA. Never had the Ould Sod, anyone had it? Any good? Online reviews don't look fabulous.
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    Re: KJ Bluford, on the move again

    Whether he was flunking out and shown the door, whether was a great kid who realized he couldn't get any playing time, or whether he was a totally selfish jerk ... he's a young man and was a Cyclone....
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    Poll: Re: Friday Evening Discussion

    There was a sweet semi-old lady who used to be our receptionist. Her grandpa was Scottish and she relayed this poem of his to me one day. Try to say it outloud with the accent:

    "where'er ye be,...
  20. Re: Excessive Alcohol to Blame for 1 in 10 Deaths

    One big difference is you can drink alcohol and NOT get intoxicated. Most other chemical substances, you're high from the get-go.

    I don't disagree that alcohol causes a lot of problems in our...
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