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    Smart TV vs Regular?

    So my TV took a crap the other day. I was thinking about buying a smart tv so we could access Netflix & use it's other online services. In looking at tv reviews I found an article saying smart tv's...
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    Re: Emmanuel Malou

    Figured this was best place to put this. Too bad a group of young men and their families had to deal with what...
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    Re: Drake Relays Food Vendors?

    Just to give a number for anybody interested. I talked to a guy who decided to just go set up in somebody's yard about 7 blocks away from the stadium last Saturday and I'm not sure how long he...
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    Re: Drake Relays Food Vendors?

    Oh it would definitely be a supplemental income type thing if I ever did it. Otherwise a guy might as well just open a restaurant!
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    Re: Drake Relays Food Vendors?

    Haha, I thought of that guy also as I posted it which is why I ended with the lots of risk comment!
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    Drake Relays Food Vendors?

    How much do you think the people who set up tents in parking lots or alleys around the Drake area to sell food really make? I stop at 1 or 2 almost every year and have thought to myself I could do...
  7. Re: Do the #'s work? Cancelling cable/Dish/DirectTV periodically & restarting

    I've been recently thinking about this also as I look into getting a Smart TV. I keep cable just for sports and Disney for my daughter but I also have Netflix so think she can get most of her shows...
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    Re: Best phone on the market for US Cellular

    US Cellular has this on pre-order right now also. Supposed to be out any day now. Think this will be my next phone as I have enough belief points saved up to get it for free since I never realize I...
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    Team Trading Pins?

    Anybody on here ever had to buy trading pins for a sports team? My daughter's softball team is going to Oklahoma City this year for a tournament and we were thinking of bringing a bunch of trading...
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    Re: Column: The Rock of Ejim

    Put #3 up there right next to #32
  11. Re: 2 Tickets to Sessions 1-3 of Big 12 Men's Tournament

    Still available. I'm sure some are waiting to see where we land but we are willing to separate out the sessions.
  12. 2 Tickets to Sessions 1-3 of Big 12 Men's Tournament

    Section 202 Row 13. PM me with a decent offer on the whole bunch.
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    Re: WTB 2 OSU Tickets

    Call the ticket office. They have a few available. I just bought 3 this morning.
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    Re: Student Section

    I think to prove a point the AD should sell 500-600 General Admission tickets to the last 2 games to fill those spots. Kind of like they did against Baylor a few years back for Senior Day

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    Re: RV out SDW in

    SDW's game reminds me a lot of a guy from the school east of Ames that also has gold in their jerseys. Only difference is that kid was forced into action from the jump where SDW has been given time...
  16. Re: 2 Tickets to Big 12 Tourney Sessions 1-3 $434/OBO

    Bump... Just to clarify again this is for both tickets to each session not cost per ticket. Make a decent offer.
  17. Re: 2 Tickets to Big 12 Tourney Sessions 1-3 $434/OBO

    To be clear my prices are for 2 tickets. So those 2 sessions come out to be less than $100 per ticket.
  18. Re: 2 Tickets to Big 12 Tourney Sessions 1-3 $434/OBO

    Yeah, I'm not sure where she got them but she bought each session separately which is why she paid more. Like I said just make an offer. If push comes to shove I will sell them to another fanbase. ...
  19. 2 Tickets to Big 12 Tourney Sessions 1-3 $434/OBO

    My girlfriend bought me 2 tickets to the first 3 sessions of the Men's Big 12 Tournament not thinking about how I would be in Boston on work until Thursday night that week. I'm trying to help her...
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    Re: Things to do in Omaha?

    Thanks for all of the advice (even the pack your stuff and get the **** out).
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