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    Re: Recommend Best Microwave Popcorn

    To me the popper is more important than the popcorn brand. I grew up with an old fashion manual stir popper. My dad gave me his when I set out on my own. There was an art to getting it right that...
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    Re: Your wild plane ride stories, please

    I work in the industry and have been on many flight tests. It is routine do to autopilot malfunction tests during development, which can be a fun ride. Most people can handle pitch and roll...
  3. Re: Ticket prices to increase, parking and donation levels to change

    Or they could just raise ticket prices for everybody else, but not me.
  4. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    I like Top Gun. It was filmed in San Diego and I have been to the bar with the piano scene. My brother lives there and pointed out many of the places that are in the movie. I used to like Tom...
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    Re: Anyone wet shave with a Safety Razor

    I like the Gillette Fusion razor. The blades are expensive, but Gillette blades seem to last forever. When I bought my first Fusion razor it came with a tube of shave gel that I really like. Now I...
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    Poll: Re: How fast do you drive on the Interstate?

    I generally lock in the cruise control at 4 or 5 over. I'm seldom in a hurry, but when I am, I usually don't use the cruise control. Last year I was testing E85 mileage, as well as standard...
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    Re: When was the Really Snowy Game?

    That is the only home game I've missed in over 25 years. And I tried. I live in Cedar Rapids. I have a long drive and live on a dead end street in the suburbs. I blew the drive and the dead end...
  8. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    I love movies like The Aviator. I actually learned a bit about Howard Hughes that I never knew. I just came back from Las Vegas and learned that the hotel room Hughes confined himself to was in Las...
  9. Re: What are movies you hate that everyone else loves

    I can't say that I have either. But to answer the original post, the first one that came to mind for me was "Kill Bill". That movie did absolutely nothing for me.
  10. Re: Ticket prices to increase, parking and donation levels to change

    Maybe, maybe not. Parking is part of the total cost of attendance. I am assuming that season ticket holders will pay for parking when they order tickets, so the total cost is what they write the...
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    Poll: Re: Zeppelin or The Beatles?

    Beatles - Prolific, trailblazers, many songs considered among the best of all time. In the 60's there was a period of time were they were my favorite band.

    Zepplin - Recorded one of the greatest...
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    Re: Big 12 WBB awards

    In that regard, why predefine the size in advance? If there are ties, let them both have the honor. It's seems like it would make more sense than having 20% of the starters in the conference on the...
  13. Re: Twister Sister Summary - the regular season ends with a loss

    Well I had fun. It was great to meet you before the game.
  14. Re: Big 12 Network Saying Hoiberg Will Be The Next Timerwolves Coach.

    100% chance of being either wrong or right. There is no middle ground.
  15. Re: Students Cutting in Line / Entering Hilton Coliseum

    I'd be interested in exploring a system that rewards students that attend more events. For example, those that go to sporting events including women's games and volleyball games should earn points...
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    Poll: Re: Would You Rather Beat Iowa or Michigan???

    I hate these kind of questions because it's a choice you do not have to make. I obviously want to beat them both.
  17. Re: watched most of dan's ntsu game last night ...

    We did tie for a north title. Lost the tiebreak to the championship.
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    Re: Game watch tomorrow

    I was wondering the same thing. I'min Ames, but wonder if anyone is going to Benchwarmers in Ankeny. Will there be Hawkeye fans there too, or is it a Cyclone hangout?
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    Re: Pollard's comments - Call in Show

    A wise man thinks about the desired outcome, before letting emotions guide his actions. In this case what is to be accomplished by protesting this call? They aren't going to reverse it. Maybe you...
  20. Re: WHO-TV: Chance of heavy rain/wind on Thursday night

    It was a little different when we played in divisions. Having cross division opponents earlier in the year made sense in the event there was a rematch in the championship game.
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