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  1. Thread: Bubu

    by cycophagus

    Re: Bubu

    Well crap! CSU seemed like the perfect fit for Bubu. Hopefully another opportunity will turn up.

    Speaking of Bubu ... Doesn't he have a court date with Leath sometime this month?
  2. Re: to televise two football games this fall

    I have the same basic question, being in MN. WatchESPN, being very sophistocated, determines your location based on the ISP you are logged into. With that technology, you can legitimately obtain...
  3. Re: Column: Levi Peters is Iowa State's most interesting man

    Definitley a Prospect of the Clones of Anarchy:
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    Re: never as good or as bad as it seems

    Clearly the injuries to the OL were a factor. The silver lining is that, since Dika and Tuftee used up their eligibility, there are more players with game experience returing this year that there...
  5. Re: Mangino/Mangino article in the Ames Trib...

    Good post on this fine father's day! Cool that there are father & son pairs on both offense and defense.
  6. Thread: Bubu

    by cycophagus

    Re: Bubu

    Great news!! Hopefully the 6th year miracle will occur, and Bubu can tear up the MWC next year. What might he study at this point? He'd be a shoe-in for law school. As Leath would attest, Bubu...
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    Tough as Steele 2014

    "Dr." Phil Steele's mag is hitting the stands. Lets just say the love is tough this year. Here is my spaghetti western take:

    The good news is that he held the presses until *after* Brandon...
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    Re: A "must win" game

    I like your definition as applied to the entire upcoming season, but I would remove NDSU from that category. I prefer to be pleasantly surprised by a win over the 3 time reigning FCS champs.
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    Re: When was the Really Snowy Game?

    I wasn't there, but was driving past on my way from MN to Branson. That was the onset of the second blizzard in a month. We haven't had any really macho winters until these past couple years.
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    Re: Best play that was AGAINST us?

    ISU @ CU 2004 - Mason Crosby had an absolutely ridiculous day as a sophomore, sealing the win single footed-ly, you might say. His FGs from that day made his CU career highlight reel [FF to 0:40]:...
  11. Re: 2024/2025 Home and Home with Arkansas.... State.

    I hadn't heard that, or anything in recent years for that matter, but that would be a good way to phrase it. My meories of that date back to the 70s. As I recall, the architecture work on Hilton,...
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    Re: Best play that was AGAINST us?

    Michael 'Burner' Turner carried 30 times for 134 yards as Northern Illinois got their first ever win as a nationally ranked team in beating ISU 24-16 in workman like fashion in 2003 @ Dekalb:...
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    Re: Barkley Hill leaves Iowa for UNI

    I hope he is the leading rusher when UNI plays at EIU this fall.

    I've wondered where, if anywhere the likes of David Irving and Rodney Coe might end up next year. Anybody know?

    UNI works for...
  14. Re: 2024/2025 Home and Home with Arkansas.... State.

    mtown, when you have a minute, can you try this same exercise in comparing The Jack with WVU's
    Mountaineer Field at Milan Puskar Stadium ? It may contain a little surprise:
  15. Re: 2024/2025 Home and Home with Arkansas.... State.

    With the "near death" experiences of a few years ago fresh in memory, I, for one, am greatful the idea of buying a winable home game is even thinkable. And I agree it is definitely thinkable. But...
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    Re: Van Der Kamp??

    Here are the Undrafted free agent signings posted this afternoon:

    4 punters signed, but not...
  17. New era for Big 12 Fottball and MBB Conference Game Broadcasts

    ESPN's expanded coverage of Big 12 conference MBB games for 2014-15 marks the end of the regional syndicated (over the air, terrestrial digital) television broadcasts by the Big 12 network. Thank...
  18. Re: Q&A Part 1: Yancy McKnight on summer JUCO's, Jensen & development

    Jensen was listed at 301 lbs last season, but Yancy says he reported back at 285. Just wondering if he will play leaner and meaner this year, or if he is in easy striking distance to get the weight...
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    Poll: Re: what are you expectations for this season?

    The schedule is incredibly difficult, but with 7 home games, I think the Cyclones will get to 5 wins. But the best part, I think they will be among a handful of 5 win teams that makes it to a bowl. ...
  20. Re: List of schools with the most early entries into NBA draft.

    I remember that Shawn, a toothpick of a big man as a true frosh in 2005-06 had announced his plan to transfer prior to the McDermott hiring. But I still consider him the first of the Morgan era...
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